Tuesday, October 28, 2014

The Right Time to Write by Andy Scheer

Eight weeks ago I got an assignment for a week of devotional articles. I scanned the assigned portions of Scripture and confirmed they all fit the theme the editor wanted me to address. But beyond placing the verses into each day's devotional format, I set the project aside.

A month ago when I had some spare time, I reviewed the passages again. Again, no ideas sprang to mind for what I'd write. So I turned to another project and promised myself I'd work on the devotions this week.

It's Monday, and my procrastination time has run out. I need to write not only a 1,500-word magazine piece, but also my February 2016 devotions.

So I again opened the project file. But this time my eye fell on a different verse in the passage of Scripture than the one I'd highlighted a few weeks back.

I thought of the conversation my wife and I had recently enjoyed with old friendspeople we'd known thirty years ago and had just seen for the first time in a dozen years. Our experience with them would serve as a great illustration for a devotion on this passage of Scripture.

Why couldn't I have thought of that a month ago? Simple. A month ago, I hadn't seen them for a dozen years—and we hadn't had that experience.

That's one devotion down and six more to go. I just hope the other six aren't also ones I'm not yet ready to write.

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