Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Baby Step It by Diana Flegal

One of my favorite movies is, What About Bob?, a 1991 comedy film directed by Frank Oz, starring Bill Murray and Richard Dreyfuss. 

(Wow, I am shocked it was so long ago I first saw it).

Murray plays Bob Wiley, a troubled but lovable therapy patient who fears everything! After seeking help from noted psychiatrist Dr. Leo Marvin (Dreyfuss), Bob feels revived. But when the good doctor skips town to go on a quiet family vacation, Bob, afraid of being alone, follows -- showing up unexpectedly at the therapist's lakeside retreat. That's when the fun really begins! Bob innocently becomes the houseguest who just won't leave -- endearing himself to the other family members ... and, in the end, driving the stressed-out shrink absolutely crazy!

For myself and most people, the take away of this movie is: Baby Steps 
As Dr. Leo loses it, Bob finds healing from all of his phobias by taking advice from Baby Steps, a book that Dr. Leo had written and was just released.

I believe seemingly insurmountable tasks can easily be tackled by breaking them down into manageable small steps.
Many writers tell me they plot out their story in an outline form. They baby step it. 

When I teach an author who is new to social media, I offer them baby steps to learning it.

And when one is an administrator of a blog, you sometimes are called upon to fix a bug that appears out of nowhere. In the process of finding a solution, it is best to approach it systematically, or in baby steps.
If you are using blogger, you would first go into your post list, then click on the cog in the upper right corner to open your settings tab. When the drop box opens- choose, ‘blogger help’. This list will appear.

Welcome to the Blogger Help Center
Choose the option that best fits your problem.   

If none of these provide the help you need, I suggest googling it. Read a few of the suggested articles, go into the template, and try a few of the things suggested.
It really is amazing how much can be accomplished with baby steps.

How have you baby stepped your way to the completion of your writing goals?

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Linda Glaz said...

I've had a blog up and going (with the help of an insanely smart blogger client) and I still don't get it. Thanks for all this info, Diana.