Tuesday, September 2, 2014

How Do You Stay Organized? by Andy Scheer

Remember Daytimers? Years ago, people who needed to keep track of multiple tasks lugged around those
big notebooks filled with tabbed sections and calendar pages.

I never got around to acquiring one. A paper calendar, aided by an office bulletin board, worked fine for me.

Then those leading the charge began to keep organized by using Blackberries. Remember those?

My calendar and bulletin board still worked fine.

Then colleagues began trying to stay organized with various computer programs. I never did find out those programs' names. Except for the calendar function of Outlook.

When people at work schedule meetings with me via Outlook, I take a pencil and write the information on a paper calendar.

When the battery fails on their smart phones, I try to sympathize. I've had pens run out of ink or a pencil lead break.

I have nothing against the latest fad in organizational technology – so long as its users don't try to force me to adopt it. Over the years, I've actually learned how to schedule and track projects using a computer spreadsheet. The program has been around long enough to prove its worth.

Meanwhile, the tide may be turning. My boss recently had me drive him to an office supply store in my minivan, since his car wouldn't hold the six-foot-long white board he wanted so he could keep track of all his projects.


Joy Avery Melville said...

Still some of us hold-outs around. Love it. I use the paper calendar and I have a small one about 1/8 the size of a daytimer - keeps all my "stuff" organized. I may resort to a bit larger one - you see, my schedule is getting more and more full. Until I HAVE to, I'm sticking to my small calendar and my daily TO DO LIST. Nice post, Andy

Patty Wysong said...

LoL. My husband uses an 8' piece of melamine as a whiteboard. It works fantastic! =] I love daytimers but they eventually get covered by something and if it's out of sight...

Spreadsheets are wonderful and I'm learning to use the calendar on my computer, which syncs with my phone and emails me reminders. I need the reminders. sigh.

Terry Burns said...

I put things in the calendar on my computer and it pops up reminders but notes of really important things and things I have to do I keep in mind the fact that I am constantly working my email inbox and things stay in that inbox until I deal with them. I send myself an email reminder and I see it constantly until it is done. It also shows up on my phone or any other computer that I might happen to be on.

Andy Scheer, Hartline Literary said...

I neglected to mention Palm Pilots. Remember those?

Diana Flegal said...

I have tried many different things over the years but I have a paper calendar that I keep my daily tasks and my conference dates on. I like to see my month at a glance. My get to it list is on post it notes and a yellow lined pad.

I did just figure out how to post reminders in my smart phone but I think I'll just keep Dr. appointments and anniversary dates and prayers for friends surgeries etc. in that.

Thanks Andy. This was a fun post and I am not adverse to trying something new- so the comments are interesting to me. I'll make a note or two if they warrant it. :-).