Monday, September 22, 2014

Anyone Going to a Conference by Linda S. Glaz

Just returned from Maranatha conference and am looking forward to some really awesome proposal submissions, and some that I think might be good but need a little work. Well, if they aren’t exceptional, why did I even asked to see them?
It’s really very simple. Because that individual put a boatload of time and energy into preparing their pitches as well as, many times, getting up the courage to make an appointment with me. (Everyone knows how mean I am…LOL) Does that give them special rights? With me, it does. I remember being on the other side of the appointment and how brutal it was.
Folks who shell out hundreds, and sometimes, thousands of dollars in order to attend a conference at least deserves a chance to have my attention for more than fifteen minutes. So, yes, I do offer everyone the opportunity to send me their proposals for a better look. And if I don’t take it? I can at the very least offer some suggestions. Then perhaps next year they will be that much more prepared. And who knows? They might find their connection.
Anyone going to a conference…deserves our best as editors and agents. And my best is offering a bit more of my time.


Patty Wysong said...

Maranatha conference was fantastic! The staff and speakers care and you can tell. They offered their time, experience and even guidance, making a big difference in many lives.


Davalyn Spencer said...

Thanks for making a difference.

Jackie said...

You are always so kind.

I'm heading to ACFW and fighting the pre-conference jitters.

Linda Glaz said...

It was great, wasn't it, Patty?
Thanks, Davalynn. All any of us can do it try our best.
Jackie, you'll do fine. Just be yourself and sell yourself! Remember, they really are just people, too. No better, no worse, just people! And if they somehow think they're better, pass 'em by. You don't want to work with an ego!