Wednesday, June 4, 2014

We Interrupt this Week by Diana Flegal

My normal schedule has been interrupted by a niece's high school graduation, a visit from my son, a summer wedding and gorgeous weather in Asheville, NC.

How about you all?

What events have removed you from your normal schedule?

On this trip back to Pittsburgh, PA and now this leg into Johnstown, PA where I was born and graduated from High School, where my mother and father are buried, and my brother and his family still live, I have been reminiscing and allowing myself to be bathed in memories, both good and painful.

I realized in talking with many friends and family members, there are some really good story plots to make note of. True life often is stranger than fiction though and to make it believable in a novel, some things would actually have to be toned down. Funny isn't it, how that is?

Are your characters in your WIP believable? This is a question you need to ask yourself as your story progresses.
If your aunt marries her brother-in-law after her husband dies-- your uncles brother, she remains your aunt - keeps the same last name but messes with your head every time you see her standing next to the other brother and now living in your grand-mothers homestead.

Sometimes it is hard to go home again. Sometimes it is magical.

I pray for each of you- a magical time this summer. Look for it. Don't miss it. It can sometimes only last a moment but will feed your soul a lifetime.

Have a great day!



Linda Glaz said...

I hear you. There is hardly one circumstance that I don't look at and see a story. Can't wait for my next high school reunion!

Linda Glaz said...

I'm so ADHD it takes nothing to sidetrack me. A bug on the window...yup!