Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Caption This by Diana Flegal

Inspired by a post, I thought it might be fun to request you all to write a caption or tweet for the following picture.

But then I thought it would be even more fun for you all to write a very, very short story instead.

Chose 60 words or less to write a story inspired by the photo to the left.

It can be in verse, narrative or prose. In English please.

If you prefer to write a tweet or caption, have at it.

Have fun!



Davalyn Spencer said...

Diana - have you been to Canon City, CO? I'd swear that was taken at Big Daddy's on Highway 50. A caption: He said he'd meet me here, but the second stool from the end is empty. Like my heart.

Anonymous said...

Sheldon gently put his hand on her arm as he asked her what was wrong.

"I remember coming here with her after a dentist appointment years ago," Sheri replied,wiping away a tear.

"Do you still want to have lunch here?"

"Yes--I'd like to make a new memory."

Blessings ~ Wendy ❀

Diana said...

Both good shorts! It is actually in an old Woolworth building here in Asheville NC. The rest of the 'store' is now an art gallery of local artists. A really cool spot.

tlkay-author said...
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Anonymous said...

Two Movie Producers Exchange Ideas

Steven grabs some napkins from the Formica counter reminiscent of the 1950’s and clicks his ballpoint. George sips from a milkshake and falls deep into thought while reading some scribbled notes on an earlier napkin.

The two wannabe’s get down to serious creative brainstorming. It’s going to be another long night at their favorite haunt.

Great pic - had a lot of fun with this!

Many blessings,
Terri K.

Anonymous said...

Sorry about goofing up on the spelling of "wannabes." I noticed it after it was too late to edit /-:
Terri K.

Diana said...

Terri K. what a fun story- I think that idea could be worked into a novel :-)