Monday, June 2, 2014

All Twisted in Knots by Linda S. Glaz

No matter what direction you turn in, you will see beauty beyond reason.
My head’s been all twisted in knots since I got back from Alaska. I not only haven’t had time to put together some photo folders, but have nearly forgotten my blog duties two weeks in a row. Today’s Monday? Really?
It’s always fun to go on vacation, but it’s a joy to get back as well. Because there’s always a lot of work waiting whether I want that or not. And there was a bundle.
So reads and edits have taken my mind off everything else. Almost.
Because I still catch myself daydreaming that I’m yet in Alaska. They had a heat wave while we were there. My son told us that the weather we were experiencing, 70s and low 80s, was hotter than their usual summer weather.
So…I don’t have anything brilliant to share with you (do I ever?) but thought while my mind is still far away, I’d share some of the beauty we had the thrill of enjoying while in Anchorage for the oldest grandson’s graduation.
Who knows? Maybe you’ll see a story in one of them.
Here we were in front of Hatcher's Pass, an old gold mining site. And one of the waterways flowing down the mountains at Hatcher's Pass. Nature at its absolute finest.


Linda Glaz said...

BTW that first pic was taken at around 11 at night. Long days and not even peak yet.

Diana said...

Beautiful and inspiring! Thank you for sharing Linda. :-)

Linda Glaz said...

The mountains there are like nothing I've ever seen before. It truly did take my breath away!

David B. Smith said...

I did a cruise there two years ago; Alaska can really BATHE your soul with its endless beauty. It's possible to even ignore the lunch buffet and simply gaze at the awe of the mountains for hours on end.

Linda Glaz said...

No kidding, David. It is just that beautiful. No matter which direction you look, there is something gorgeous to feast on.