Thursday, April 24, 2014

Sharing a poem by Terry Burns

We were returning from a trip. Saundra lost a baby to crib death and we were coming through where he was buried. She wanted to mark the grave but it was a Sunday and all we could find was a single rose in a convenience store. I had her drive and I wrote a poem on the back of an envelope. The rose, with the poem, made everything okay. For some reason I felt moved to share it with you today.

The Rose

No gaudy display of  floral profusion
No acres of  flowers in splendid confusion
No two dozen roses so tall and so proud
But the statement they make is a little too loud.

Sometimes love must be whispered, not shouted,
So that the message truly cannot be doubted.
Sometimes one rose, alone and so shy
Can testify loving, and then tell you why.

It says “I love you and remember you, too.”
Carries all the feelings that I bring to you.
So listen now when the whispers start
And know that the message comes straight from my heart.

Written in just a matter of minutes to give comfort to my wife, this simple poem has been reprinted numerous times, has been in a greeting card, and won a national poetry competition. A single rose is still very special to us. When something is right, it is right . . . the first time.


max said...

Very touching, Terry. Thank you for sharing this.

Deborah D. Harper said...

Oh, Terry, that was beautiful. Thanks for sharing it with us.


Cheryl Linn Martin said...

Absolutely beautiful, Terry. Thank you so much for sharing your heart.

Blessings and Love --Cheryl

Jody said...

Touching and healing. God Bless you both, Jody

Diana said...

What a beautiful gift you gave your wife to serve as a monument of her love for her child.
Thank you Terry for sharing this with us today.

Terry Burns said...

Thank you all

Linda Glaz said...

how beautiful!

David Kitz said...

God is the author of words. He spoke worlds into existence. It's wonderful that He gives us the gift of language. Terry, at just the right moment He breathed life into your words, so you might honor your son.

Sadie and Sophie said...

Very precious.

Anonymous said...

Lovely and touching.

David B. Smith said...

Sometimes the most poignant inspiration comes at a moment of stark pain . . . and what a lasting blessing that you captured God's whisper with your pencil. Thanks for sharing, sir.