Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Spring Cleaning by Andy Scheer

Lately my little computer has been showing its age. Files have taken longer to open and to save, and more often I've gotten a “not responding” message.

I'd started to look at laptops in the weekend ads from big box stores.

But I don't want to learn Windows 8, and what use is a touch screen? Besides, our household is still digesting the expense of a new water heater.

So this past weekend as snow and fog kept me inside, I decided my computer needed a spring cleaning.

I deleted the download cache, transferred little-used video and audio files to my backup hard drive, and ran some overdue diagnostics. I discarded in-progress versions of long-completed projects. And I emptied the recycle bin.

Now the C and D drives show significantly more free space. And this past hour, each function again seems normal.

Looks like the next few assignment checks can instead go toward the water heater.

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