Thursday, April 3, 2014

Profile of Terry's Client Tim Champlin

Client Tim Champlin’s “Cross of Gold” released March 2014 from Five Star publications imprint of Cengage Publishing . It had been out since November 2013 in hard cover from Five Star. 

Tim has over 40 books in print and his “The Secret of Lodestar released March 2012 from Berkley Publishing and is now out in large print from Wheeler Publishing (Gale Publications) and out as an audiobook as well. THE SECRET OF LODESTAR, was selected as a Finalist in the original paperback category for the 2012 Spur Awards. He has published two books with Pill Hill Press, “Annie and the Ripper”, and “Tom Sawyer and the Ghosts of Summer” plus wrote a six short story series for Echelon Press, which came out in 2011. He was included in “Christmas Campfire Companion” from Port Yonder Press.
Tim was born John Michael Champlin in Fargo, North Dakota. The son of a large animal veterinarian, he
grew up in Nebraska, Missouri and Arizona. He graduated from Middle Tennessee State College and Summer of the Sioux” in 1981. His stories of the American West feature striking historical details, vivid characterization and spectacular scenes. His subjects include lumber schooners sailing the West Coast, early-day wet plate photography, daredevils who thrill crowds with gas balloons and the first parachutes, tong wars in San Francisco’s Chinatown, Basque sheepherders and the Penitentes of the Southwest. He is married and the father of three grown children. His hobbies include sailing, tennis and shooting.
earned a Masters degree in English from Peabody College, Nashville. Two dozen of his articles and short stories were published in regional and national periodicals before he began his career as a Western author with his novel, “

Some of his other titles include:
Dakota Gold (1982)
Summer of the Sioux (1982)
Staghorn (1984)
Shadow Catcher (1985)
Great Timber Race (1986)
Iron Trail (1987)
Colt Lightning (1989)
King of the Highbinders (1989)
Flying Eagle (1990)
The Last Campaign (1996)
The Survivor (1996)
Deadly Season (1997)
Swift Thunder (1998)
The Tombstone Conspiracy (1999)
Lincoln's Ransom (1999)
Treasure of the Templars: A Western Story (2000)
Wayfaring Strangers: A Frontier Story (2000)
By Flare of Northern Lights: A North-Western Story (2001)
A Trail to Wounded Knee: A Western Story (2001)
Raiders of the Western & Atlantic: A Western Story (2002)

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