Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Samples, Signings, and Sales by Andy Scheer

Next month I plan to drive three hours to a book signing. I'll take two friends. At the event, we'll each buy a new hardcover.

All three of us will likely tell others. First about our plans to attend, then about our experience with the signing.

Later we'll volunteer or be asked how we liked the book. We might even give our impressions of meeting the author.

All this started with a sample.

While scanning Amazon's free Kindle top 100 listings, I found a short story by an author I recognized.

I clicked and discovered it introduced a new series co-written with another author friend. A couple more clicks and my Kindle had a short story that occupied me at lunch for two days.

I liked it. I checked the co-author's website. I learned the novel's release date – and the fact of a signing next month.

I decided to attend. I asked a friend, then another. As we drive there and back, we'll likely talk about books. Maybe discover new titles or authors we should read.

When you give away a sample, who knows what will happen.

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Sue Ciullo said...

Well, THAT was surely encouraging! Gotta go give away a sample!