Monday, April 21, 2014

I watched the Ten Commandments…again. By Linda S. Glaz

Once grown and visiting home for Easter each year, I found I just had to watch the Ten Commandments each time. In fact, it became such a tradition that I felt cheated if I didn’t see it every Easter.
I remember one year when I was pregnant and sewing a baby quilt while watching it. Yes, it was done by the time the movie was. We used that blanket for a victim in a car accident on our trip back home. Bleeding badly. I’ll always remember that blanket because of giving it away under those circumstances. Really touched me.
But I was discussing the movie.
Now, when I watch it, the acting is actually quite cheesy, and even the dialogue is pretty difficult to listen to in places. But I can’t bring myself not to watch it. The fact of the matter is, when a work is so BIG and ahead of its time, it continues on even when it’s lost the newness, becomes outdated. Can you imagine the special effects they would use today?
There are only a few Ten Commandments in anyone’s lifetime. A handful that will live on in hearts and minds for decades. The best of the classics.
Each time we sit down to write, our intent should be, no matter the genre, to write something that will live on. Whether a high concept thriller, or a sweet romance, we want to write a story that will live forever…in someone’s heart.
Do you view your writing that way, or are you just ‘cranking out’ a story?


Veronica Leigh said...

I've "cranked out" my share of stories, thinking that was the key to everything. Couldn't have been more wrong. Every now and then I create something rare and beautiful and I fall in love with it. My greatest fear is that no one else will have the same feelings about it.

Tom Threadgill said...

I haven't seen The 10 Commandments in forever! It's one of only two movies we were allowed to watch while we ate dinner. The other was The Wizard of Oz. I feel a blog post coming on...

Linda Glaz said...

I almost mentioned Wizard of Oz as well. Another tradition for us. I made homemade fudge and popped a truckload of popcorn. It was the one night of the year the kids could eat ALL the fudge and popcorn they wanted...I did, too. Lots of Tums sold whenever the Wizard of Oz was on. Another would have to be Gone With the Wind. Sometimes, even when we recognize that they were good 'in the day' but not so much now, they remain classics that deserve another look. Like a good book! Pride and Prejudice, JAne Eyre, etc. just to name a couple.

Elaine Stock said...

A very inspiring post, Linda. Thanks.

I'm still haunted by those Oz monkeys!

Linda Glaz said...

But you remember them, and that's the sign of a good read/movie. When you can't get something out of your mind. I still see Rhett walking out at the end so vividly.