Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Life Happens by Diana Flegal

This morning, early, the fog obscured the mountains. I knew they were still there, but I could not see a bit of them. Here in Western North Carolina our Mountains are big, solid, and surround me and my home. Yet wispy fog that I can wave away with my hand up close, blocked them totally out of sight.

Life does that at times. Personal sickness, a loved ones cancer, an adult child's struggle with daily tasks,   a husbands infidelity- obscures the love of God momentarily.  We know He is there but our faith is tested. Doubt enters, and the foundation we stand on doesn't seem as solid.

Authors, agents and Pub House editors are people. Human beings. Life happens to them. To us. Sometimes when it does, in the chain along the way of your books representation or publishing, someone drops the ball.

Stay in touch. Pray for one-another.

Publishing is a business- but it takes human beings to get the job done.


Anonymous said...

Hi Diana, Life does "happen" and it does distract. Recently I was talking to someone about a mistake a third party made and that it could be fixed. They said, "but how did it happen?" and I said, "People make mistakes," and they do. There is always tension between justice and mercy, but whenever possible as believers, we should exercise mercy, it lets us model Christ to others. Max

Diana said...

Well said Max. :-)

Andrea Cox said...

Hello Diana,

Prayer conquers so many things. On top of that, it draws us not only closer to God but to each other, as well. Thanks for this sweet article.


Karla Akins said...

A word fitly spoken. Thank you.

Linda Glaz said...

Such a good post. So easy to forget that the folks on the other end of the submissions have things happen too.