Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Just a Click Away by Diana L. Flegal

I have a cookbook collection but most days I now google my recipes. That way I can copy them to a file. So much easier.

When my son and I are in a debate about this or that- we sometimes sit side by side searching online for an article that backs up our side. Or we cut and paste our arguments and share them via FB private message.

Search engines have changed my life and I know the lives of writers.

There is not anything it seems that is not online. But I caution you to check more than one source for your historical research or current event. Spin doctors are hard at work to change your mind. And companies pay marketers big bucks to convince us that a piece of plastic that can provide us hardboiled eggs without the shell is the newest 'must have'.

Just today I found out:

100 years ago on this day is the hottest day on record.

There is a new app called Time Hop that can show you what you did last year this day.

I can look at photos of what happened on this day 5 or 10 years ago.

Perhaps one of these can offer you a writing prompt or a scene in your story.

Have a great day!


Anne Love said...

I love this, great reminders!

Katy Glymph said...

I'm so glad I checked this out. I certainly needed it. I'm a web groupie and always think to myself, "where were you 30 years ago? I could've been an honors student." I'm constantly looking for writing prompts for myself and for students.