Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Hartline welcomes new agent- Jim Hart/ interviewed by Diana Flegal

It is my privilege to interview and introduce to you all, Jim Hart, Joyce Hart’s son and Hartline’s newest agent. We are thrilled to have Jim on our team.

Jim Hart is a musician/songwriter/worship leader with an ever-growing library of fictional titles, as well as books on Christian growth, ministry, and biographies of the Heroes of the Faith.

Jim, what are your first memories of books and their influence in the Hart home?

Books have always been scattered about our home growing up. All of us have a love for the written word. I remember my mother having stacks of romance novels in the living room. My brother and I used to pick up the books and read the last page to her. 

Ha, I would have loved to see that Jim. Your mom’s red hair is a good heads up she can get excited!

What do you recall of your Mother starting Hartline or getting into the publishing arena?

I was about 17 or 18 when my mother started working at Whitaker House. It was shortly after that that Mom started Hartline Marketing. I was already out of the house and married by then. I did come on board as an agent for a short time when she began Hartline Literary Agency and succeeded in selling one title. I enjoyed it but with a wife and then a young son, I took a full time position outside our home and am just now returning to agenting.

What is that you personally bring to Hartline Jim?

As a singer songwriter, I understand the creative process and how much courage it takes to put your-self out there. I have my own file folder of rejections. J As an avid reader, I know what I like, what I have seen on the bookshelves of the big box stores and with the agency’s  support, I am learning the markets and establishing myself once again with the editorial markets within the various publishers. It is a huge advantage that I can pull from our agent resources and from my mothers wealth of experience. I know it is a great advantage and blessing.

What are some of the things on your ‘to-do’ list right now?

I will be attending the Philadelphia Christian Writers Conference the end of this month where I will be taking my first author appointments and meeting with a few publishing editors. My mother and I will be traveling and visiting a few publishers in the next few weeks as well. I am also looking at next years conference schedule, seeing what ones I might attend and teach at. Building my workshops on several subjects I am comfortable with.

What is it that you are going to be looking to acquire at Hartline?

I am looking for authors who can write unique and engaging fictional suspense, romance, women’s fiction, spiritual warfare, YA, and some sci-fi. I have a passion for non-fiction regarding church growth, Christian living, and self-help. Of course I have to keep in mind that non-fiction topics require a certain level of credentials, experience and expertise. Unfortunately that can eliminate many good titles.

Jim, thank you for allowing me to speak with you today. We all here at Hartline look forward to working with you.

Readers, please check out our submission guidelines and feel free to contact Jim if you think you have written a title he would be interested in reviewing.

You can read more about Jim at www.Hartline


Caroline said...

A warm welcome, Jim!

Davalyn Spencer said...

Nice to meet you, Jim. I'm a Hartline author because of your mother's encouragement, and I'm busy, busy and loving it with agent Linda Glaz. Great interview, Diana.

Rick Barry said...

Welcome Jim! Any chance you will be attending ACFW so we all can say hi and get acquainted at the dining tables?

Andrea Cox said...

Nice to meet you, Jim! Hope all goes well for you with Hartline.

Great interview, Diana!


Kristy L. Cambron said...

Hi Jim - Welcome! We're all glad you're back with Hartline. Wonderful interview (thanks, Diana too). We hope to meet you at the ACFW Conference.

Be blessed!