Wednesday, July 31, 2013

God Knows by Diana L. Flegal

In Haiti I learned an expression- Bon Dieu Konae. God Knows.

God knows.

He knows what your heart hides from others. Where it is broken, wounded and hopeful.

He knows of your longing for ...about your desire to write well. Well enough to earn the respect of your peers and a publisher.

Yet sometimes life is like sweeping a dirt floor.  (got this phrase from a blog I like written by Katy Glymph)

Yet, God is aware and keeping track of our lives. He knows our circumstances are hard and He plans days of Joy for us as well.

I think when you live in a place like Haiti where untimely death is a daily occurrence, it sharpens your priorities. Appreciation for each day and thankfulness for each blessing albeit how small is genuine and fresh.

In the evening, my Haitian neighbors sat around and talked after the wee ones were tucked into bed and just enjoyed the night air and one another. They did not ask a lot of God, content with what they had. And it wasn't much.

People ask me why I still talk about retiring to Haiti. It is the simple life that draws me. A loaf of bread, a bowl of red beans and rice, an occasional fish, thick coffee and friends sitting out under the moonlight.

When you are wondering if your published day will come, I can't say. But I can tell you: Bon Dieu Konae.

Be encouraged.


Tom Threadgill said...

What a great post. My wife and I felt the same way when we visited rural locations in Africa. People who we would say had "nothing" were happy and content. Their sense of community blew away anything we have ever experienced in the States. And to see them worship... oh my goodness. Such a treat. And when they prayed, they all prayed out loud at the same time. Just a small taste of what our Lord hears. Truly beautiful.

Anonymous said...

This is a post where I would either say nothing in response, or write 2000 words, minimum.

For now, I'll say nothing.


Laura Jackson said...

I needed to read this today about another issue on my heart, not writing. Thanks for sharing.

Linda Glaz said...

It is true we have to learn to be content where God has placed us. In times of plenty or in times of want, being content puts a totally diff perspective on every aspect of our lives.

Caroline said...

Oh, wow, Diana, your post touched my heart. More and more I want simplicity in my life (HA!). We've had, and still do, some New Guineans in our church. They are so wonderful to be around. So sweet and simple. One of our young girls just returned here from a visit to her home. She shared pics and gave a talk about her visit, and it made me long to go visit too. They've wanted us to come for a long time. Sigh. Maybe, some day. btw: hubby has visited Haiti.

Audrey said...

This post has really touched my inner core...and God knows why! Thank you for sharing it with us.