Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Birthed from Pain by Diana Flegal

Writing can be painful at times. You put yourself out there and those with the power reject your words, your prose, your work.

Yet, the books that move us, minister to us are often crafted by broken people that have been rejected many times. But along comes just that one agent, that one editor and that one publisher that sees the merit in what you offer.

Be transparent. Be honest and be brave. Write that story on your heart birthed through your personal pain. Weave it through fictions guise to find the most open door, the largest readership.

As an example: Jena Morrow's title Hollow haunted me after I read it, even though I at first rejected it since memoirs can be hard sells. But her words kept me awake night after night, they breathed beside me in bed and I had to contact her. We talked, I sold her book and now her transparent words, born out of her pain, are transforming other lives. Whispering hope to them in their seemingly hopeless situation.

What personal stories have you read that resonated and came alongside to aid you in your life's journey?

I would be interested to know.

Have a blessed day.



Pam Halter said...

You know what I've done with writing from pain ... and I'm still doing it through my blog. People tell me all the time my blog has touched them. Wow!

Isn't it funny how suffering brings out the best in us?

Linda Glaz said...

I think a bit of pain from a past divorce is found in a couple of my characters and what they go through that causes similar pain. One chicklit which is still being edited and re-edited and re-edited deals with the a humorous way and hopefully one day it will be out there. I think, particularly in inspirational writing, we NEED to discuss topics that Christians would rather not deal with, because they are real, like it or not. And since divorce is nearly equal to the stats of the world, we have to address it. So many hurting people and we avoid topics that might help them. Oh well, my sermon for the day. LOL

Diana said...

I agree Linda. One of my favorite sayings is Christians show up 10 years late and out of breath. We should be leading the discussions since we have the answers...
Go figure.

Linda Glaz said...

Oh, amen, Diana. Who better to help the world through it all than Christians who want to help. Amen and amen!

Anonymous said...

Thats you Diana, that one agent . . . Max

jill said...

Oh, yes. I recently did a sermon on grief and loss, and in the back of the book I was reading on it, the author listed characteristics of people who have gone through. I was awed. I knew many of those things applied to me, and none of them had six years ago before the crucible of unearthly pain. God makes beautiful things. I often wonder how I wrote anything at all helpful before.