Monday, February 25, 2013

Oscar Night by Linda S. Glaz

Beautiful gowns, classic tuxes and a few
(what were they thinking?)
And I guess that applies to the gowns as well.
Ladies, now is not a time to think
that less is more, sometimes, less is just…less)
I watch off and on, mostly only when commercials are on
with a show I REALLY want to see, but I must admit
to being a junkie to find out what the best movie is,
though it’s decided in the political arena of opinions.
I sometimes agree but only with the choices at hand.
Too often the real winners weren’t even nominated
(they stopped letting me vote oh, 2 or 50 years ago).
So…what’s important about the best movie to a writer?
At some point, that mah-velous movie started
as the kernel of an idea in some
head. That’s right, your story might end up
being voted best movie at the Oscars.
Doesn’t every writer think of that?
Deep down, where we don’t let anyone look, don’t we all sit back
and decide how we can have it written into our option contract
who we want to play our characters?
So, take a deep breath (your gown will fit better that way) and
hope that your novel is not only picked to become a movie,
but voted best movie of the year.
Watch out for the sign:


Olivia Stocum said...

Love it! Thank you, Linda.

Davalyn Spencer said...

Such great encouragement, Linda. I'm so glad didn't give up on His dream.

Davalyn Spencer said...

... God. That was God I left out of the sentence. Ugh. So glad He didn't give up on His dreams for us.

Sadie and Sophie said...

Along with the option for casting our characters, I want to include an option to play one of the supporting roles! Hey, if you're gonna dream, make it a doozie! Nice post, Linda.