Friday, February 15, 2013

Ways Authors Can Sign E-Books by Jennifer Hudson Taylor

Over the last couple of years, individuals and select publishers have been exploring various ways for authors to sign e-books with minimal security risk. This year, options for digital signatures are expected to expand, including the number of authors signing e-books.

In May 2011, Autography debuted their first e-book platform at BookExpo America in New York, covered by The New York Times. The way it works is that a reader poses with the author for a photograph, which can be taken with an ipad, tablet or phone camera. The image auto appears on the author’s ipad or tablet. The author then uses a stylus to sign and write a digital message below the photo. Once this is complete, the author taps a button on the iPad or tablet and sends the fan an e-mail with a link to the image, which the reader downloads into the e-book. The setup will require the author to purchase an app from Autography, and the publisher or author will need to send a digital file of the book. 

Another option would be Authorgraph. You will be asked to create an account or login through Twitter. You will then be asked to provide the Amazon ASIN for the books you want to add on Authorgraph. You will be asked to create an additional password if you sign in with Twitter, your email, and a confirmation will be sent to your email address. You will be required to login at Amazon, click on Manage Your Kindle, then Manage Your Devices, and find your registered Kindle email address ( Enter this email address on the Authorgraph site. Next, on Amazon click the Personal Document Settings link, then the link that says Add A New Approved E-Mail Address and insert the email that Authorgraph provides.

It's very quick and easy to add your books on Authorgraph. Once a person requests your autograph, you'll receive an email alert to login to your account on Authorgraph. You will have a message area notification and you will be taken to that person's request so you will know who to sign it to. Below is an image of where you can provide a message and where you would sign your name on your touch screen ipad, tablet, or phone. The only drawback to this option is that it's only available on Amazon, not Nook or other platforms.

What are your thoughts? Have you tried providing digital signatures? What was your experience?

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