Monday, January 21, 2013

What Made Me Say That? By Linda S. Glaz

Y*I*K*E*S* !
While I was massaging a young patient’s shoulder a few years ago, he informed me he was headed to California to be in movies. I had to ask. What will you be starring in?
Yikes! But before I could engage the filter on my mouth, I said, “Does your mother know what you’re planning to do?”
Now, I’d like to say this had a happy ending, but let’s face it: I should never have made the comment, and certainly didn’t want to find out that his mom was proud of his future vocation. Yikes times two…
My point is, no matter what we do, how we normally react, we sometimes do and say things that are inappropriate, timed poorly, or just show a different side of ourselves.
Do your characters ever do and say things that are not in keeping with their normal personalities? Do you allow them to be “real”?
Have I learned to curb my comments always? No. Will I try harder, probably, but if faced with a similar situation, I have no doubt I’ll say, “Does your mother know what you’re going to do?”
So, what made me say that? Because as a mom, that’s my nature. In my work place it shouldn’t be. I knew better, but in the end, we are often who and what we shouldn’t be. And that’s what makes us living, breathing human beings.
Let your characters be the same!


Davalyn Spencer said...

Great advice. I find myself wanting to create "perfect" characters - not perfectly-crafted characters, but people who are faultless, spotless, and, well, perfect. Boring! Thanks for the reminder.

Debbie Lynne and Kathy said...

I had to laugh at your example. That is so totally me, and I just chalk it up to (read: blame it on) "God must have wanted me to say that" or "they must have needed to hear that." LOL My characters can be outspoken too, particularly the heroine, and that always leads to tantalizing conflicts. Fun post!

Becky Doughty said...


Oh my goodness. This made me laugh today. I LOVE reading about characters who do it makes sense to make sure my characters are real, too. Perfect example. Thanks for the giggle.


old guy rambling said...

I try not to say things or write things my mom would not like to see or hear. Thought of her as I smiled through your post. I try but don't always do the best with what I say. Re-writes can save me.