Monday, January 7, 2013

What Lies Ahead in Fiction by Linda S. Glaz

So far this month, I’ve read a lot of articles about the future of fiction. I’ve heard that historic is being pared back, contemporary is pushing ahead again, that Dee Henderson has brought romantic suspense back to the forefront. So what is the real direction fiction is taking?
When I first became an agent, I thought I’d be signing mostly suspense authors.
And yet, historic fiction and historic romance have filled “most” of the slots thus far. I’m hooked on it.
I also have suspense, romantic suspense, contemporary, and even a thriller. So what do they all have in common?
Awesome writers…writers who make the written word come alive to all the senses. I not only see the protagonist, I hear her voice, see his eyes, taste what she tastes. And I feel their joy, sorrow, fears and more.
I realize the industry can change from year to year, month to month, even day to day, but one thing does not change…good writing. And eventually that good writing will find a home. It might not be tomorrow or even next month, but it WILL find a home.
So, there you have it. My take on the future of fiction. GOOD fiction, despite the genre, will find its way into a reader’s hand if the author doesn’t quit. Doesn’t sigh and say, “Oh well, they aren’t buying my type of novel anymore. Why keep writing?”
Never forget my mantra; feel free to make it your own. When you have to write as surely as you have to breathe, then, and only then, are you truly a writer!


Davalyn Spencer said...

Thanks for the encouraging words, Linda!

Jennifer Major said...

For every Chicken Little post I read, I come across one that lifts me back up. Thanks Linda!!

old guy rambling said...

A good story is always a good read. I can read almost anything if it tells a great story.

Linda Glaz said...

I'm with you, Jennifer. All the gloom and doom is for nothing. NO ONE knows exactly where the industry will go. It's like, pardon the comparison, a horse race. Seabiscuit came from way behind and nobody saw it coming. A good story will still cross the line!