Monday, January 28, 2013

Everyone Needs Some Down Time by Linda S. Glaz

I was once told, “If you’re a writer,
you’ll never have any time to yourself.
So grab your five minutes whenever you can.”
And that’s pretty much true.
So what happens to an author who is also an agent?
No five minutes!
As with any other venture in your life,
you can’t function at 100% if  you are trying to
 live off the fuel at the bottom of the tank.
You need to be refreshed.
You need time just to sit and stare at
the clouds, at a bird, at a baby.
At anything other than the screen of a computer.
We don’t take many vacations, but this Christmas we
traveled to Alaska and Oregon to
We’re fortunate that we have family in both places, 
so the scenery was just a bonus.
I thought I’d share a pic I took of Mt. McKinley.
If you think it looks breathtaking here, well, it is.
Don’t try to live on five minutes alone.
You must allow yourself time each day to refresh:
A walk where it’s quiet and you can pray
A lunch date with a friend or family
A celebration for absolutely no excuse
Life can’t only be written about; it must be lived.

Take some time today and REFRESH!


Jean C. Gordon said...

This is something I have a lot of trouble doing, even though I know I should.

Linda Glaz said...

Give yourself five minutes today, Jean, even if it's to have a chocolate malted while you sit! Enjoy!

Julie Sunne said...

Well said, Linda, for agent/authors and the rest!

Jennifer Major said...

When my husband and I were newlyweds and broke, we'd go for a walk along the beach, go for a drive or just do something we didn't usually do. We called them "mini-vacations". Now we're approaching our 24th anniversary, we have 4 kids (10, 15, 19, 22) and we're still broke. But going out for tea or locking our door and chatting about our day still gives us the boost we need. AND, when no one is home? The secret stash of chocolate is awesome too. `

Amanda Stephan said...

A wonderful reminder, Linda! I haven't heard that saying before, but I can definitely tell it's true. This year, after the Florida Christian Writer's Conference, the family and I are going to spend the remainder of the week soaking up some sun (and hopefully some warmth!) I don't normally take breaks, and I'm kind of feeling it. Or maybe it's just excitement building up!

Tessa said...

Beautiful picture!! I hope to visit there someday. One of my friends went on a trip there a few years ago and loved it so much he named his daughter after it.