Friday, August 17, 2012

Making the Most of YouTube by Jennifer Hudson Taylor

This week YouTube has announced that they are disabling the tag options on videos to the public. This is a significant change since most people rely on tagging their video content in a way that allows people to search relevant key words and search terms to find corresponding videos.

Some view this as pure genius on YouTube's part, while others consider it a disaster. People were abusing the tagging feature. Ever wonder how you can type in something and get a few results mixed in that have absolutely nothing to do with your search terms? It's because these abusers go to a very popular YouTube channel and copy and paste their tags into their own. Quite sneaky. And annoying to the rest of us.

The policy evens the playing field a little better. Here are a few tips in making the most out of your YouTube channel.

Don't Forget SEO

All search engines, including YouTube, are designed to deliver the best results that are most relevant to each search. This includes the metadata that you provide when you upload a video. YouTube reads the text that you enter for your channel description/bio, each video’s description and title, as well as closed captioning information and annotations added to your videos.Group your videos into playlists, and optimize those playlists for relevance.

Upload Fresh Content

Since YouTube is owned by Google, new content is ranked higher than old content in the same way as it is with Google. In an attempt to keep your content fresh, don't publish duplicate videos or replace videos with new edits. Instead, use YouTube's video editor for minor edits. Replacing videos restarts the view count, which will make it look lower than it should be for that particular video. Higher view counts are also ranked better than lower view counts.

Encourage Viewers to Rate Your Videos

Since visitors to your YouTube channel can give your videos a rating, YouTube ranks these ratings against other ratings in the search feature. Therefore, encourage your followers to rate your videos. Post your video in as many places as possible to increase your views and rankings. People can actually view your video on other sites where it is linked or embedded.

Create Playlists

Playlists allow you to organize and group videos on your YouTube channel so you can highlight the ones you feel best represent you. Also, you can choose a playlist to feature on your blog or website to further promote them.

Create Annotations on Your Videos

This is one of the best and underutilized YouTube features. Add annotations to videos that include clickable calls to action. These annotations appear on top of your videos for a specified length of time and can include links to other videos, playlists or channels, or include a subscribe option.

All you have to do is go to Video Manager, click Edit on the video of your choice, and select Annotations. Follow the additional options from there.

Design Your Channel with a Brand

You can upload a custom image as the background and choose from a few different layout designs. Include links to your website, blog and other social media sites. Upload your image or logo in the square avatar to give people a sense of who you are.

Do you have a YouTube page? How are you utilizing it?


sally apokedak said...

Another good post.

no you tube channel for me. But if I publish I plan to do some videos. I've made a couple already and they were so much fun to make. I plan to make some to advertise my books when I publish. I'm hoping I can come up with some funny scripts.


Author Jennifer Hudson Taylor said...

You're welcome, Sally. I enjoy making videos. I think it's fun! In fact, I wish I had more time. I have a new one in mind that I want to do with the story behind the story for my new book. I hope I get a chance to pull that one together.

Linda Glaz said...

Thanks, Jennifer. I'm lost with most of this.

Author Jennifer Hudson Taylor said...

You're welcome, Linda. I know. Some of this stuff can be overwhelming and it doesn't help that it keeps changing so fast.