Monday, March 26, 2012

Balance is Key! by Linda S. Glaz

That beautiful cup was from my youngest for my birthday. And I have to be very honest, that sums it up beautifully! If not for the occasional block, or the I-just-can't-face-that-story or edit again, my house would be deeper in dust than it already is. I save marker and drawing paper money. I just draw pix in the dust. Isn't that all part of being socially responsible? I'm going green!

Okay, that might be a bit of a stretch. But when we are juggling more than one hat, and most of us are, how do we do justice to all of the jobs?

My "don't quit your day job" takes me three days a week to a physical therapy clinic. If not for that job, I wouldn't be able to afford to be a struggling writer/agent. After all, I'm the newbie just getting started.

I get home around 6:30, cook dinner, wolf it down and am at the computer by about 7. Sending out projects for my clients and getting a few minutes in on my own works 'til sometime around midnight. Days off I'm on the job from around 9am-11pm with a couple hours off for good behavior (and to cook).

When the dust takes over, I finally leave the computer long enough to do a mini-makeover on my house. I know I've mentioned all of this in a blog before, but the cup allowed me to bring it up again. Even in a fanatic-driven job like ours, how do you all balance your life and still find time to get your writing/editing/critiquing in? Who, in your house, doesn't eat, doesn't get clean clothes, has to walk through cobwebs so that you can pursue the love of your life? Writing...I'm just curious.

Isn't that the cutest cup???


Linda Yezak said...

The first time I realized housecleaning wasn't a prerequisite for writing or editing, I was elated. In fact, on Facebook long ago, I cried over my dilemma: Should I do my ironing like a good little wife? Or should I write, like the author I wanted to be?

Terry may not remember this, but he piped up and ordered me to write. The ironing would always be there. I happily followed his advice.

These days the ironing goes to the cleaners.

Normandie Ward Fischer said...

I clean when I can't stand it any more, though I do hate dust bunnies enough that I grab them when they congregate within view. Ironing? Pooh--no one is allowed to wear things that must be ironed. I have found that I can tolerate cooking (I'd rather just eat) because I download audiobooks and listen as I work. Thank you, Audible, for also keeping me company when I exercise.

Linda Glaz said...

I'm with you, Normandie. Once the health dept steps in and says "we might shut you down" I move from the computer, grab the broom and do a quick swipe. Oh, Dear Loving Lord, please send me a maid. hehe

Heather Day Gilbert said...

Love the cup! Usually the thing that bites the dust around here is supper. Hard to be creative w/meals when you're spending so much time creating imaginary worlds (writing). I somehow manage to keep enough clean clothes/towels (most of the time!), dishes and bathrooms. But dusting is a low priority for me!

I spend way too much time burning the midnight oil, building author platform and writing blogposts or working on the next book.

But honestly, I wouldn't have it any other way! I love the motto "My house is clean enough to be safe, but messy enough to be comfortable" (or something along those lines).

Linda Glaz said...

Love it, Heather. That's the spirit! Mine's always been comfy!

Patty Wysong said...

If it weren't for my kids, my house would be much worse than it is...of course, those same kids are responsible for much of the mess in the first place so I think it's only fair they clean the mess. Besides, they need to know how to cook, clean and do laundry when they move out on their own so I'm just being a responsible mom by making sure they know how to do those things and stay in practice. ;-)

When I find I'm really out of balance and things begin to fall apart, I get serious and spend 3-4 hours in the morning doing all the home/family/church things I'm responsible for THEN move to the computer. This happens to be one of those weeks and my quick computer fix is now over. LoL. Works better for me than a cup of coffee. ;-)

Jennifer said...

Sigh...I still haven't achieved the balance yet. Either my house is clean and my writing is behind, or vice versa. I figure if I keep at it long enough, maybe it will eventually all fall into place???

Meghan Carver said...

The cup is terrific! I am blessed to have a husband who does a fair share of the cleaning AND cooking while I homeschool four of our six children and write.

Davalyn Spencer said...

Clean house? Really? Is clean being used as an adjective or a verb here? Either way, it's pretty scarce at my abode. The magic happens when my husband says, "So-and-so is coming over in an hour." It's amazing what I can get done in thirty minutes. Panic, adrenalin, all that.

I once read a pamphlet called "The Tyranny of the Urgent." The author encouraged his readers to do the important, not the urgent. I try to keep that in mind - though a few of those urgent house-cleanings do keep us off the health department's hit list.

Cheryl said...

Love the cup. It leaves me with a dilemma, though. Should I pray that you don't experience writer's block or pray for you to have time to clean your house?

At one point, I hired a cleaning lady because I couldn't take it anymore. She would come twice a month and make my house look presentable. With hubby begging me to get a real job, my cleaning lady days are more than over. I have one of those comfortable houses. I burn a lot of midnight oil too. Once the girls get home from school, I leave my office and spend time with them. I limit how much I am online over the weekends, so they don't feel like my writing is more important than them.

Sharon A. Lavy said...

When a draft needs to rest before I can look at it again, or when the newest scene doesn't flow.

Suddenly I notice . . . many things. My weekly housekeeper does keep the dust bunnies down to a low roar, so . . . I sew.