Saturday, January 14, 2012


Diet Guru and author Doug Varrieur, Diana's client, spoke to the viewing audience of The Daily Buzz Jan 2012 about his own successful weight loss and the 2nd edition of his book Fat to Skinny Fast and Easy. In the original Fat To Skinny Fast and Easy!, Varrieur distilled the “science” behind low-carb eating and laid out an amazingly simple system for eliminating the chief offender in weight gain: sugar. Now, in response to requests from his loyal followers, Varrieur has created an updated edition that combines his successful strategies for lifetime fitness with more than 100 yummy new, low-carb, sugar-free recipes. For added ease, each recipe has a carb count--and the book comes with an inspirational, motivational CD, too.

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Davalyn Spencer said...

Congratulations Diana - and Doug, and to everyone who applies his findings. A doctor/columnist for the newspaper where I formerly lived told people to stop eating white food if they wanted to lose weight. Yes, a blanket statement, but it covered sugar and starch. It worked.