Thursday, October 6, 2011

Congratulations to Terry's Client Normandie Fischer

Congratulations to client Normandie Fischer as her book Becalmed took first place in the prestigous Catherine Awards. The following post is from her blog:

A few days ago I received an email from the Coordinator of the 2011 Catherine Contest.
"I'm thrilled to tell you that your entry, Becalmed, placed first in the Strong Romantic Elements category of the Toronto Romance Writers' 2011 The Catherine Contest! The competition this year was tough, congratulations!"

Becalmed's characters introduced themselves to me as I wandered the streets of Beaufort, NC, and then let me write about them from on board Sea Venture, while we sailed the Sea of Cortez. They grounded me in home, reminded me of small-town South as I laughed with them and helped them ease past their angst to find joy.
Becalmed's sell sheet:
She's a single sailor staring at spinsterhood.
He's a widower with a young daughter and a broken boat.
Mix in messy people with messy emotions,
and you've got colors turned to mud ... in dire need of clarity.   
       Tadie Longworth wanders her big Beaufort, NC, house when she's not sailing her sharpie or designing jewelry. Sure, the odd glitch makes her yearn, but, honey, who doesn't have something she wants to change? When Alex Morgan stirs things up by slithering back to town with his northern wife in tow and the  gall to pursue Tadie, she must reconsider her choices.

     Fine, she said no to him when they were kids, but she had her reasons. Does that mean she's doomed to end up one of the town's old maids, with no husband, no babies? Ever? The lonely nights stretch, and talking to her dead daddy only deepens the ache.

Her yearnings gain a focus when widower Will Merritt sails into Turner's Creek with Jilly, his little red-haired daughter, in tow. Their time with Tadie -- sheltering in her house during a hurricane, sailing on her boat, inviting her out on theirs -- tempts them all with what-ifs that petrify Will. Mired in misunderstanding, he hauls Jilly out of there so fast, Tadie's head spins.

     Tadie's efforts to make sense of her world move her out of Beaufort and then back again when she discovers that running merely changes the view. While Alex storms the citadel, Will tries to forget they ever met. But Jilly? Well, that sweet child knows what she wants ... and she aims to get it.

In addition to being a client, Normandie has been one of my editorial assistants before moving recently to becoming the Executive Editor for Wayside Press, an imprint of Written World Communications.


Diana said...

Congrats to you Normandy. I like the story's plot and am adding this book to my 'need to read list'.
And congratulations also on your job with Wayside Press although I am sure Terry misses your assistance. All the best to you. :-)

Jeanette Levellie said...

Oh, how wonderful--congratulations, Normandie! It's so gratifying when all your hard work and prayers reap fruit. May many hearts be stirred and blessed by your words,

Diana said...

Normandy, I just found out I have to wait for this book since it has not been sold yet- praying Terry will have success in selling this book that sounds like a wonderful read. Def one I think book clubs would like.

Valerie Comer said...

Sounds like great fun, Normandie! Keep me in mind should you need endorsers/influencers down the road.