Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Net Casters, Using the Internet to Make Fishers of Men written by Craig von Buseck.

Periodically I like to review with you a book that I have recently read. Today I am highlighting the title, Net Casters, Using the Internet to Make Fishers of Men written by Craig von Buseck.

Craig von Buseck is ministries director for, the Web site of the Christian Broadcasting Network where he oversees all online evangelism and discipleship efforts. He also writes the popular ChurchWatch blog and has served on the faculty of the Jerry Jenkins “Writing for the Soul” Christian writers conference. Craig lives in Virginia Beach, Virginia.

As I read this book, I had a hard time sitting still. I kept jumping up and rushing to my desk to refer someone to this title, make notes and twitter sentences that grabbed me. This book grabbed me a lot. I felt a re stirring of the passionate fire I felt while in Bible College, years ago. Street evangelism was a regular weekend activity and something we looked forward to all week.

With chapter headings such as: Casting an Electronic Net, Fishers of Men, Weaving the Nets and The Daily Life of a Net Caster, Craig tells us who is leading the way, and just what baby steps we can begin to enable us to be a player online. Harnessing Technology to preach the Gospel prepares us to, “take up the torch and carry this gospel message to the World through the World Wide Web. You can be a part of the NetCasters' revolution.”

How do we reach them? Through vlogging, (taking your blog to the next level with video feed) in chat rooms and through Facebook pages, Twitter Accounts and more.

Craig quotes Tony Whittaker, a leading NetCaster based in the United Kingdom, editor of the Monthly Web Evangelism Bulletin. “ Effective Internet evangelism is almost always one-on-one because a person reading a page is, of course, only one person. So a writer should always be writing as if to one person, not preaching as if to a congregation. The gifts needed for a web writer are those of a journalist not a preacher.”

Millions of Christians are on the internet everyday. Approximately 1.7 billion people are logging onto the Web on an ongoing basis. Craig tells us, “The problem is just as in the real world, Christians and non Christians are not talking to each other. There is a major disconnect” Tony Whittaker named this the 99 percent rule. “Only one percent of Christian Websites are designed to reach the lost.”

Craig quotes Jesse Cary, managing editor of, “We always want the readers to engage with the content.” Web 2.0 has made this an option with comment possibilities and small community forums as well as placing text, graphics audio or photos- all of which beg for conversation.

Net Casters, brings us the statistics that challenge us to act on this incredible open door.

  • 70% of blog readers are 'influencers', people who are articulate and networked- the 10% of America who set the agenda for the other 90% (D.J.Chuang, digital ministry architect at, an outreach of the American Bible Society).

  • Bloggers comment on one another's blogs, then link to one another- a community is formed.

This easy to read book will teach you many incredible things about internet usage many of us did not know of as well as provide us with small ways one might jump in and participate in addition to larger commitments one might make to become a committed full time Web missionary.

No longer do we have to leave the country to reach those around the world with the gospel. We can do it from our kitchen table. Or home office. We can make a difference and I for one am grateful to Craig for showing us the way in Net Casters.

I hope you will check out Craig's book. If you are looking for a read that will fire you up, you will not be disappointed. And the World Wide Web will be the better for it.

An author I know has set up a site that I recommend to my non churched friends. You might want to stop by and check it out. They are casting their net at,

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Raquel Byrnes said...

What an interesting and encouraging post. Thanks for getting the word out about such a great tool for Christian bloggers. I'll have to pass this along.

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Bonnie Toews said...

Where do we find this book? Sounds like what Craig is teaching can help everyone get inspirational messages out there in cyberspace, not only Christian bloggers.

Caleb said...

Thank you for sharing, Diana! You had noted this book/author for me at the GPCWC. I was sold then, but now I'm REALLY sold. Definitely getting a copy.

I can't wait to see what he says about vlogging. Thank you!

writer jim said...

Some leaders within CBN have been the most wonderful encouragers I've ever had concerning my WIP. One of them, James Bramlett, was a pioneer in CBN's outreach ministries. I just realized that Craig is also a similar pioneer, in high-tec outreach. Wow! all this sounds exciting. Praise God!I can only imagine what could happen if we all seek the Holy Spirit's guidance in addition to Craig's book.

Elaine W. Miller said...

Facebook has been a great evangelistic tool for me. People I don't know contact me and ask spiritual questions. Last winter I received two speaking engagements through facebook. The event planners said basically, "The women of our church need what you have. Will you come speak at our women's event?" Obviously, I'm all for network evangelism. Not sure why, but even Johnny Depp is following me on Twitter. I'm praying for him.

Jeanette Levellie said...

Thanks for the review, Diana. This book looks like a winner. I admire Craig for carrying the torch of the gospel throughout the globe.


Caroline said...

It does sound like a great book. We can use all the knowledge we can get. Thanks for sharing.

Eddie Jones said...

Great article, D. Obviously, this is one I'll have to buy. Everyone is talking about platform and Craig has the blue prints. Great job!

Diana said...

Thanks EJ This book really does offer some concrete steps for the novice and the experienced web user like you.
Weekend blessings

Cheryl said...

Sounds like a marvelous book! Thanks for telling us about it, Diana!

L. B. Greer said...

Craig is a very talented and a techie guy. But he's not the first to reach out on the WWW. I remember back in the earlier days, there were dialogue groups available for just text and no fancy pictures, video, and links--we called them electronic discussion groups. When my daughter was murdered 7 years ago, the Parents of Murdered Children discussion board became a means of support for me.

Diana said...

L.B. you are so right- Craig is appealing to this generation and for this time to continue where others have previously gone. You are a wonderful testament to the community support the internet provides.