Tuesday, August 17, 2010

It's Friday but Sunday is Coming!

The Philadelphia Christian Writers Conference held in Langhorne, Pa at the Philadelphia Biblical University was a huge success in many ways. Writers connected with editors and agents. Agents were inspired by the creativeness of new authors, old friends reunited and all were encouraged by workshops and divine appointments along the way. At lunch, at dinner and even along the pathways.

Conference Director Marlene Bagnull writes:

Each year I say it’s the most powerful conference yet and again it was. Father’s presence was very real as we worshipped Him and as He spoke to us through stirring messages from the faculty. And GPCWC 2010 was again MORE than just a writers’ conference as we first and foremost focused on Him. We addressed and prayed about the slippery slope (the free fall) our nation is experiencing; the need for compassion, justice and advocacy for “the least of these” who are so precious in God’s sight; the work He is doing in the hearts and lives of Muslims who He calls us to love; and our need to pray for the peace of Jerusalem and not abandon Israel. I trust that the growing sense of urgency I’m feeling to make the most of the opportunity to proclaim His Truth while the doors are still open to print and distribute Christian literature was imparted.

I was especially inspired by keynote Dr. John M. Perkins's message of Good News. He reminded us of God's predetermination in each of us being present right there at that time. Here are a few highlights from my notes: Good News is the fulfillment of our longing. The Good News is that God loves us and desires to be in relationship with us. God is a wordsmith, we read the words in His word and they sing to us- then HE gives US a message. "I go to the scriptures out of my pain- I preach to solve a problem- allow the redeemer to come by and meet us here! The energy of the Christian life is Joy! God wants us to bear His image"

SO much more was given to us by Dr. Perkins, I fail to convey it all with these words.

As if that was not enough, Dr. Perkins was followed that morning by Tony Campollo. Tony mentioned concrete practical ways we could be the hands and feet of Jesus. He shared with us what he has learned from young people he calls Red Letter Christians.

I have to tell you all that seeing and hearing Tony that morning put me in mind of a time in the early 70's, when I and a lot of other Jesus Freaks of the day had gathered in a city of tents 10,000 strong and Tony preached a sermon I still remember to this day. "It's Friday.... but Sundays Comin' " He brought us to our feet back then and as I shared it with a few of my sisters at the conference we were inspired all over again.

Here is a short portion for your encouragement tweaked just a bit for this particular congregation- I mean readership.

It was a Friday when they laid Him in the tomb. It grew dark and lightening filled the sky. His mother was led away weeping as if her heart would break and his disciples wondered around as if they had lost their best friend...but IT was only FRIDAY and SUNDAY was COMIN!

Sunday, the rock was blown out of the way and out stepped our Risen Saviour and I am here to tell you that regardless of your present circumstances, it is only Friday but SUNDAY is COMING!

It's Friday, the rejections just keep pouring in, the bills are stackin up but sister and brother, I am here to tell you that Sunday is coming!

It's Friday and that Publishing House that asked for a full read just went out of business and you can't get any one on the phone, it's Friday but Sunday's comin'

It's Friday and you spoke with a few editors at this writers conference and everyone liked your writing but you need a platform, that is what they all said. It's Friday but Sunday's comin'

Dear reader, whether you be an agent looking for the right slot for many of your authors, an author finding it hard to keep at it in a stressed market and few open spots, or an editor at a publishing house that finds your co worker's desk empty next to yours as more are laid off due to the economy, I am here to remind you that it is Friday but Sunday is comin'. God has a plan for each and every one of us and He will see it through to fruition. As we wait, may we encourage others along the way. May we make it a better journey by praying for one another and doing what we can to hone our craft and be the best we can be at what God has called us to do.

From my heart to yours,


Caroline said...

Yes! I loved the encouragement and spirit at this conference (maybe it also had something to do w/a certain agent there). Those words-Sunday's coming-is what I can hang onto. It will happen. It will happen.

Thanks for reminding me.

Connie Cameron said...

Oh my, Diana, if I didn't know first hand what a great agent you are, I might think that you'd missed your calling, Sister! Very encouraging (and well written) message. (I'm proud to know you, too!) :)

Marlene Banks said...

Well said, girl! I know you empathize with your client's struggle to hold on in this emotionally wrenching business. I know what a long hard road it has been for me and many others but you have been given the calling to help ease our pain, calm our apprehensions and spur us on when we want to give up. I KNOW GOD sent you to me in a divine way at a divinely pivotal time in my life. You are a blessing to me and all your clients as well as a hard worker and that's an awesome ministry in case you don't know it.

Millie Samuelson said...

AMEN to Diana (several AMENS, actually :-)! AMEN to Marlene Bagnull! AMEN to John Perkins! AMEN to Tony Campolo! AMEN to Caroline! AMEN to Connie! AMEN to Marlene! WOW! I almost feel like I was there at PCWC -- maybe next year. . . THANKS for sharing the blessings and encouragement! :-)

miggy krentel said...

You are too much! My heart is swollen with joy. What a group we had, each one smiling their way into our hearts. What a time we had together round that table. What an agent we have. We echo your fervor, dear Diana. God bless you. Thanks for your words.

Bonnie S. Calhoun said...

Wahooo...you preach it sister! I've called the congregation...er...ladies :-)

Leah Morgan said...

I was there folks when she pounded in the pegs of her tent, set up camp and went to preaching at Philly. The force of her words blew the flaps wide open and we felt the breeze of hope come brush against us until we came out and joined in the chorus, "BUT SUNDAY'S COMIN'." We lifted our voices in unison.
Come on sweet Sunday! Until then, repeat the glad refrain, sweet Diana!

soccernut said...

Diana, wonderful post. It reminded me of the Carmen song, Sunday's on the Way. You preach it. Thanks for the encouragement!

Rita Gerlach said...

Diana, for those of us that were unable to attend the Philly conference, thank you for sharing this. Times are tough for so many of us. Praise the Lord that a day is coming when there will be praise, and joy, and worship, and all our tears will be dried. That's what will keep us going.

Bonnie Toews said...

Diana, from your soul to ours, God's marching words, "It's Friday but Sunday's comin'." How stirring! How freeing! How wonderful! Even though many of us couldn't attend, you brought this remarkable fellowshp home for us to share. Thank you, dear heart.

writer jim said...

Diana and all you commentors make me feel like a revival is going on...and you got me in a mood to shout praises above my normal continuous praise to our Holy Eternal Almighty God.

SuzyQ said...

The pastor at our church has on several occasions used the premise of the "It's Friday, but Sunday's comin'" sermon. So very powerful. When things look bleak in my own family, I remind my loved ones, "It's Friday, but Sunday's comin'," But never has anyone ministered directly to my own personal trials with these words. I felt as though Diana was speaking directly to me through this post. Beautifully written, warmly received. Thank you, Diana.

Jeanette Levellie said...

Oh, Diana. I just returned from a week-long vacation where I once again surrendered my writing to the Lord, when I opened the email that took me to this post of yours. Thank you for your encouragement. How sweet of you to lift us up when you are rocking in the same boat! I bless you for thinking of others, and may the Lord honor your servant's heart.

With love,


Pam Halter said...

Makes me want to "roll in the aisles!" hahahahaha!! We seriously have to have a road trip to Bonnie's church sometime. Wheeeee!!!

Jennifer said...

Thanks for the encouragement! I so wanted to go to this conference but the timing wasn't right for me. I believe that Sunday is coming...

Anonymous said...

It will be Sunday for me if I could find a Query form sample for Hartline.
It has been black Friday all day for me. This is the first I have attempted to write a Query.It must be just perfect and I'm in black Friday.
the many Query's I have read are all different.