Friday, May 28, 2010

Memorial Day Makes Us Contemplate Freedom and Liberties

As Memorial Day approaches, I, like many others, am feeling deep gratitude for the freedoms and liberties we all share living here in these United States.

Amongst our many faults and problems we still live, in my estimation, in the finest country in the world.

Having once lived in the poorest country in the western hemisphere, Haiti, I am grateful for running water, electricity, and paved roads. We have public schools where most children receive a good education. Yes we pay taxes for these things and utility bills come monthly in the mail. Yet most of us eat three meals a day, not always what we would like but we rarely go hungry. We walk in relative safety as we shop in grocery stores with myriad choices of goods. And most important of all, we can worship at the church of our choice. We can gather at our homes for bible studies, home parties and maintain a private residence if we have the resources.

All of these things are as a result of a godly foundation and the kept liberties by our Armed forces.

I pray that we continue to share in these freedoms. I encourage you all to pray for this nation, be vigilant . Learn what you can about your local government. Vote responsibly and pray for those in authority. Remember our troops here and around the world, and especially the families and loved ones of those that have died in battle and service to our country. Step out of your comfort zone- go out of your way this weekend to honor those that keep us free and as you gather to worship this Sunday may we do so with hearts full of gratitude.

My nephew Anton Sattler and his co worker Brian Iglesias were just rewarded a win at the GI Film Festival two weeks ago for their documentary on the remaining veterans of the Korean War. Please feel free to visit their site at to view clips and read the testimonies of these brave men.

Have a Happy and Safe Memorial Day,
from my heart to yours,


Terry Burns said...

We all hate war and we should. Those of us who have served and lost friends and comrades hate it most of all. I understand those who oppose war politically, but they should never allow that opposition to include those who are sent to fight. A good soldier obeys orders whether they like them or not. One of our greatest national disgraces is transferring opposition to the war in Viet Nam to the troops coming home. We must never do that again. The Greatest Generation is dying off and we owe them a huge debt. We also owe a debt to stand behind and honor those who serve today whether we support the reason they are there or not. This country is free because of those who answered the call and it has stayed free for the same reason. We must never forget!

Millie Samuelson said...

MARVELOUS and inspiring messages by you, Diana, and Terry in his comment! Having lived overseas and seen unbelievable destitution, plus been literally saved from death by American's military, I deeply appreciate your reminders and say, "Thank you, O God, and please keep blessing America!"

Jeanette Levellie said...

I love my nation, and thank God I was born here, at this time. We are most blessed to live in this land of freedom and riches. I grieve when people dishonor those who fight to keep us free and rich.

Thank you, Diana and Terry, for the reminder to pray for and support our military.

Raquel Byrnes said...

Amen, Diana and Terry.

As a daughter of a career Marine, my heart goes out not only to the brave men serving, but to their families. Strength, prayer, and faith...thank you to all of them.

writer jim said...

I certainly agree 100% with the post and comments.
It hurts a lot when I think of all who DIED to preserve our freedom and luxerious way of life. It also hurts to see how We the People have allowed OUR government to kick God out, out, out! It hurts to see that our children can push a button on a computer and look at horribly wicked things; yet they aren't allowed to say the Lord's--He IS Almighty God--prayer in school.
I am familiar with exceedingly powerful proof that We the People will have to take action to welcome God back in! our nation's public places... or else all our military might will not help our country at all in the looming frightful future.
Happily, I'm confident the American people are going to briskly accomplish this once they become informed, and see the unstoppable plan by which WE can easily and quickly do it.

Linda Glaz said...

Thank you Diana for the great post. As a veteran I understand that concept that we are free to pursue our desires based on the sacrifice of those who went before us. Though I never had to go "to war" I lost friends who did and I hope I live a life worthy of what they gave for me. Bless you for remembering!