Monday, May 24, 2010

Life in Rehab by Joyce

Good morning.

Life brings new experiences to us from time to time. When I had spinal surgery on March 24th, 2010, I expected to go from the hospital to my home. That did not happen; instead I went from the hospital to a rehab facility, where I still am. The surgery was much more extensive than either the surgeon or I expected. As a result I am left with weakness in my right leg. I am working every day to strengthen my leg so I can walk on it unaided. I walk with a walker for now and then will go to a cane. The physical therapist assures me I will walk unaided one day. It will just take time and patience. I’ve never been a patient person.

The food’s not very good here. My husband, Jim, brings dinner in to me two or three times a week. Friends take pity on my and bring me goodies and lunch once in awhile. My friends at our church, The Monroeville Assembly of God, have been wonderful. There have been very few days that I have not had visitors. One day I had eight visitors. And cards, I haven’t counted them, but the stack is high and each one is much appreciated. My small group from the church came here one Sunday night for our monthly meeting.

I’ve had some new experiences since being here. One Friday I went to the Walmart with a group from Manor Care (my rehab place.) About twelve of us went in wheel chair vans and when we got there some of us rode the scooters at the store, including me. My first time ever. It was kind of fun. I zoomed all over the Walmart. Now I know I will be able shop at some stores, at least Walmart and Sam’s!!

Part of the process of getting released to go home is to have a home assessment to make sure the house is safe for me. My Occupational Therapist went with us to our house the other day and she checked everything. Most adjustments are to take up the throw rugs, remove the shower doors from the tub, etc. The biggest challenge for me is getting up stairs. Since we can enter the house through the garage and the family room, with stairs to the kitchen, Jim had to put a second railing in the basement stairs. Now, he also has to put a railing in the stairs from the first floor to the second, so that I can access our bedroom. As soon as that’s done I can go home.

I’m going out some now, the last three Sundays I’ve gone to church and out to dinner afterwards. Jim & I had a burger at Five Guys the other night, our favorite burger place.

My most urgent prayer request is for the muscles and nerves in my right leg to heal quickly. This is why stairs are a problem. Otherwise I am in good health, and feeling well. I can work in my office, so that’s not a problem.

I’m learning to trust the Lord once again, giving everything in my life to Him. I think I’ve learned this lesson well and then I have to learn it all over, one more time.

Thanks for all the prayers,

May God bless and keep you in His care,



Ava Pennington said...

Praying for you, Joyce. You have been such an encouragement to me (even though I'm not a client!) and I'm so glad that God is using others to encourage YOU!

Anonymous said...

Holy Almighty God,

Above all, we give You great praise, and fervent thanks for ALL You've done for us.
Lord, I ask You in Jesus name to return strength to Sister a special way. Then, each day, may she recall Your blessing, and desire more than ever, to use her abilities to honor You, oh God.
God, I'm so happy to have total confidence that You can easily DO for us things that all the world's money and doctors couldn't do.
In Jesus name we humbly pray and thank You.

writer jim said...


I join with your church and friends, calling on God to please restore your strength.

Jeanette Levellie said...

Joyce: How wonderful to have you back posting!

I am patience challenged, too. God seems to think it necessary to help my patience muscles grow on a regular basis! Ouch! Mercy, please, Lord.

I pray for strengthening of your muscles, both physical and spiritual. May you be home

With love in the Lamb,

Anonymous said...

Hello Joyce:
Its nice to hear you are doing better.
Stacy Nix "The Pencil Box Crew"

Lisa Buffaloe said...

Hi Joyce,

I'm praying for your continued healing and your house is quickly and properly outfitted for your safety.

Prayers and hugs,

mjs45 said...

Hi Joyce,
Praying for a quick recovery. Hugs.
Michael J Sullivan

Carrie Turansky said...

So glad to see you posting again, and I was happy to receive your email saying the date to return home is set! I will pray specifically for strength in your leg and an easy transition back to the house. I know it will be a wonderful relief to be back in your own home again.

Cynthia Lott Vogel said...

You're in my prayers Joyce, being a spinal surgery patient X6, I know what you are going thru. I had the same problem with my left leg ...I went to rehab also. That was years ago. I eventually walked with just an AFO which is a plastic brace thing that slips into your shoe and straps to your leg to keep your foot at a 90 degree angle so you don't trip over it. Finally, after years with that thing, I've gotten the ability to manage without it.

I am going in for a total hip replacement tomorrow and after about a week in the hospital, will be going to rehab also. Please send a prayer my way as well, if you think of it.


Normandie Fischer said...

Hey, Joyce,

Ever since Terry posted news of your impending surgery, you've had prayers going up from here in Mexico. My husband started out asking the Lord to heal "Terry's boss," because he couldn't remember your name. He's got it now, and it's good to have specifics so we can lift those to the mighty healer, Jehovah Rapha.

May the Lord bless and keep you, and get you home soon!

Wish you were near NC. We've got a stair-elevator that my mama brought from her home, sitting there in the boat barn waiting for one of us to need it! Sorry we can't lend it across country.


Pamela Klopfenstein said...

I'm still praying for you and hope you get to come home soon.

God Bless

Millie Samuelson said...

What a GREAT report, Joyce! (Interesting, too!) And what an inspiring testimony to hear how God is blessing you in difficult circumstances that went far beyond what you'd expected. As you can tell, your agency's authors (and many others) are all cheering and praying for you. Continued healing blessings (and speed them up, please, O God). . . :-)