Friday, May 7, 2010

Join us for some Amish WIsdom from Joyce's client, Suzanne Fisher

Longing for simplicity? Overwhelmed by demands? Tune in to “Amish Wisdom” to explore ways to slow down, de-clutter, find peace, and live a simpler life. You don’t have to “go Amish” to incorporate principles of the Plain People into your life. There's much to learn from them: simple living, everyday joys, and greater value on family, community and church.

Share an hour with Suzanne and give yourself over to a world that prizes old ways, where time slows down. Where people are more important than things, where nature is revered, where holding on is more important than letting go, where humility and peace of mind are treasured. Give yourself to an Amish moment.

Join Suzanne Woods Fisher, bestselling author of Amish fiction and non-fiction, as she interviews fascinating guests who can teach us to simplify our busy lives. So pour a cup of coffee, settle into your favorite chair, and tune into "Amish Wisdom." Thursdays, 4-5pm CST.

About the host:

Suzanne's grandfather was raised Plain. W. D. Benedict was born into a family of eleven children, started his career as a teacher in a one-room schoolhouse in Franklin County, Pennsylvania, and ended it as one of the first publishers of Christianity Today magazine. Suzanne has maintained a close relationship with her Plain relatives. A wife and a mother to four, Suzanne’s work has been featured in many magazines. She is the author of Amish Peace: Simple Wisdom for a Complicated World and the bestselling novel The Choice, first in the “Lancaster County Secrets” 3-book series. Amish Proverbs: Words of Wisdom from the Simple Life will release in August 2010. Seven other books--both fiction and non-fiction--about the Amish are contracted with Revell.

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writer jim said...


I love your subject...and when I read your mention of HUMILITY, it made me want to tell an experience.

One day I was midway in a round of golf; when God told me, "Go back to the first tee now, and play golf with the man who comes up and asks to join you."
The man was a Mexican that was on vacation in Florida. He turned out to be one of the most UNFORGETTABLY HUMBLE people I've ever, ever met. I'll just call his name Ben. Here's his story:

Ben was one of six brothers who live in Mexico. Ben had been a very successful athlete. He was nearing his chance to become a world champion. His family...parents and five brothers were all excited, because Ben would become very wealthy, and everyone knew he would share his money with all the family.

However, one day someone told Ben about Jesus dying for the sins of the world. Ben accepted Christ, and instantly God called him to preach.
Ben, on the spot, obeyed God's call: He quit his sports occupation, and walked away from a sure $$$ fortune.

He moved to Texas to attend Bible college. For TWO years, every weekend he drove 300 miles home to witness to his parents and four of his brothers. Then he drove an additional 75 miles to witness to the other brother. Then he drove over 300 miles back to go to school on Monday.
Each weekend, all of his family mocked him, cussed him out, and despised him; because they were so disgusted that he'd quit his chance to become a world champion, and the sure $$$ fortune.

Ben was always exhausted because he couldn't rest much on weekends, and he was overwhelmed with sorrow because the family he loved... all seemed to hate him.

God saw Ben's faithfulness of two years of driving 700 miles each weekend. God saw Ben's faithful witnessing to each and every family member about Jesus every week for two years. And after those two years...God's Holy Spirit took action:

One weekend an exhausted Ben drove the 300 miles, and everything was different: each and every family member was so powerfully convicted by the Holy Spirit that they ran into God's open arms as soon as Ben began asking them to accept Christ.
Ben's parents and all of his brothers were saved that same day. AND THEN: Before long...each and every one of Ben's brothers became pastors of churches scattered all throughout Mexico.

Those 4 hours of golf I spent with Ben were some of the most rewarding of my life. There is no famous person I would have rather spent that time with than Ben.

I just love God for rewarding that most humble and faithful man. I know God recieved great joy watching Ben's faithfulness. I can only imagine judgment day: when God Himself heaps praise on the truly HUMBLE people like Ben.

Suzanne said...

Hi Jim--
WOW! WHAT a story!!! Thank you for taking time to write up Ben's testimony...imagine how many people he has impacted through his life. If he had that kind of conviction as a young man! I won't forget Ben's heart and his choice.