Thursday, December 17, 2009

Are You Ready for The Holiday? by Diana

Hello From the Heart Readers. Are you ready for the holidays?

What that means to me may not be what it means to many of you. I have one child, now 21 who is no longer that keen on Christmas with all of the trimmings. He is more interested in borrowing my car and what is in the refrigerator. LOL! Many of you with school age children are busy with school activities, baking, crafting and decorating as well as planning and attending social events.Others are just trying to get through the lonely season after the loss of a loved one.

Personally I am enjoying this less hectic Christmas. Gives me more time for reflection and work. I stood in line at the post office Monday- on the busiest day of the season I later heard on the news. Figures. It was time that passed pleasantly enough as two women in front of me heard my phone conversation to my husband informing him I would not be home in time to make dinner. I suggested Grilled cheese and Tomato soup - our favorite family emergency meal. As I hung up the other gals remarked that that sounded like a great supper plan to them as well. Simple is often better at times filled with high levels of expectations.

And often times the best read for me is a small book with a simple message I can apply to my current circumstances, a help in my journey, whether work or relational. I am beginning today a series of seven blogs based on the 7 principles in the book, The Travelers Gift written by author Andy Andrews. For some who are familiar with Andy's writing you are already looking forward to revisiting this- and for the others, I hope you will be blessed by the principles Andy sets forth for our enlightenment.

The protagonist in the story is David, an ordinary man, work-a-holic, driven to provide success for his wife and their future who suddenly finds himself out of work. After months of fruitless searching for a new job, he despairs to the point of suicide. A car accident, and we find David lying in the hospital unconscious. While unconscious- he is transported through time. ( don't ya just LOVE fiction?) Arriving at historical events, where a key figure in human history is about to affect all of our futures with his or her decision. Each of these individuals have fore knowledge of David's arrival and conclude their visit gifting him with a principle that they have employed leading to their personal success. A principle that offers a new perspective for David and perhaps for the reader.

David's first visit finds him in the presence of none other than Harry Truman. And the principle, while many of us know it and ascribe it to this man is Principle One: The Buck Stops Here. I alone am responsible for my past and therefore my own future.

So many of us get stuck at times. Re-evaluate our lives and ask how we ended up where we are now. We look around and attempt to find blame outside of ourselves. We play victim and cry out how unfair life has been.

But if we disclaim our responsibility for our present, we lose the chance of a incredibly bright future. Where we are mentally, physically, spiritually, emotionally, or financially, we have played a part in our present. Our thinking has brought us here. If as Andy says, The bad news is - the past was in your hands- then the good news is- your future is also. Each of us must take personal responsibility for our decisions and choices. Until we do- we will remain in our present circumstances, stalled or stuck, fearful.

The Psalmist David tells us: The Lord is close to all that call upon Him in truth. He will fulfil the desire of them that fear Him, He will also hear their cry, and will save them.

As we examine the year that is fast closing on us, let us own our decisions, and allow the Buck to Stop at our desks and PC's, laptops and beds. We do not have to be afraid of where we are- or where we are going for we know the one who holds our future. Be honest with yourself. Own what part you have played in the present scheme of things and together let us move to the next principle. We might just find ourselves refreshed and with renewed passion for the thing God has brought us to!

Only 8 days till Christmas- Jesus's Birthday! I am so glad He came, Born to Die for me and you so that we might have Life!

Principle 2 coming Dec 26th:-)
Merry Christmas, From my Heart to yours,

PS I don't think you knew that my Dad was the real Santa. did you? Shush!


Elaine W. Miller said...

Oh my, is that a photo of your father? He really is Santa Claus. How fun.

Thank you for a great post. If I lived in the past or blamed others for decisions I made, I'd be a miserable woman today. But thanks be to God for His Indescribable Gift Who came into my life and allowed me to think of my present and my future with Him instead of my past mistakes.

Merry Christmas, Diana.

Diana Flegal said...

Yep that is my Dad! He is 85 and having a blast! Has various Santa gigs around town and really enjoys this season. He is faithful to remind everyone that Jesus is the Reason for the Season. As you can imagine he is well loved in his hometown:-)t

Rita Gerlach said...

Your dad is precious! He's a perfect Santa.

And I can really relate to you about your 21 year old. I have two sons at home.

writer jim said...

Your post made me think how that every new day is a day we can labor together with God...that is, be ready and WILLING to tell others about our Savior. God always brings us the opportunities if we want to speak up for Him. Therefore, every day it's possible WE can help totally change the future of others; oftimes from hopelessness to great joy and hope.

Yet I'm always amazed how few Christians speak out to the lost souls that God has them encounter.

They are missing so much JOY.
Many times when I mention GOD to a complete stranger, they instantaneously burst into tears. In 30 seconds they regain their ccomposure, and explain they are presently desperately seeking God and salvation.

The JOY is in helping those souls, and ALSO to expeience GOD leading you in amazing ways to encounter such individuals.

Jeanette Levellie said...

"We do not have to be afraid of where we are- or where we are going for we know the one who holds our future." Perfect. Thank you for this wisdom, Diana.

For the first time in 32 years, we will be "just us" this Christmas, with grown kids ten hours each in direction. Hey, let's see if your dad will do a Santa gig in Paris, IL for a lonesome mama!

My word verification today: bless. This is what I do for you,

Caroline said...

Oh, Diana, I loved your blog. I've tried for the last several years to keep Christmas simple, but life keeps pushing to make it as complicated as possible! LOL

Love your dad's pic. What a handsome S.C.