Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Who Knows Where Your Words May Go by Andy Scheer

Your writing can reach people you’d never imagine.

In his novel, a man returned to his home town after an absence of forty years.

Set in the American South, the story spoke powerfully of reconciliation, forgiveness, faith in Christ, and revival. Vivid descriptions let readers place themselves in each scene. His protagonist noticed all that was familiar
— and all that had changed.

While the author targeted Christian readers in the United States, he got unexpected feedback. An English-speaking believer who’d just escaped persecution in a traditionally Islamic country read the novel. The story moved him. He saw how it could minister to other Christians in his nation — if it were translated into their language. So he tracked down the author and asked permission to make a translation.

The author has a burden for the people of that country — one to which it’s difficult for Americans to visit and even more difficult for them to speak openly about Christ. But books, especially stories, can speak to people privately, personally. In electronic format they can cross borders. They can change hearts and lives.

The author may never get royalty checks for this translated edition. His reward will be far greater.


Rick Barry said...

I've noticed the same thing about our words going places we've never even visited. A fan of my Gunner's Run novel wrote me from South Africa, a nation on a continent I've never visited. A couple weeks ago, I received a note via my website from a reader in Slovakia. He had read my The Methuselah Project and wanted to share some thoughts with me. And since only a minority of readers takes time to sit down and contact an author, I must believe there are far more instances than we're aware of. May the Lord be praised, and may lives around the globe be nudged in positive directions for His glory.

Andy Scheer, Hartline Literary said...

Yes, it's a great season for authors writing in English.

Anonymous said...

My blog has readers all over the world. Thanks for the encouragement.

Natali said...

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