Monday, March 21, 2016

Life Stands in the Way by Linda S. Glaz

Sitting down to write, edit, review, or any number of other writing jobs, one realizes that the moments stolen from life can be brief. For most authors, writing time is jammed between loads of laundry, crying babies, hungry husbands, and oftentimes, forty hour a week jobs as well.

There has to be an incredible burning and hunger to create stories. Or a severe case of masochism to be a writer. And to be an agent if truth be told. :):):)

I’m going to keep it simple today.

This is just a truth that I shared with a young woman in a writers’ group many years ago. She asked when she would be making a ton of money writing so she could quit the day job. And I told her this: “You might not ever make a pile of money. So decide right now if you are a writer. If you have to write as surely as you have to breathe, then, and only then, are you truly a writer.”

Life stands in the way many days, but if you can’t stop writing because of the burning in your soul, then you are probably a writer.


Rick Barry said...

True enough, Linda. This week an acquaintance contacted me and asked for advice on what her sister should do to become a writer and get published. Evidently the sister travels a lot and has gained interesting experiences. But my #1 point in replying was that the desire to write must come from within, not from a well-meaning relative. Learning the craft takes time, and there's plenty of competition out there already. If a person doesn't have the heart and soul and the creative compulsion of a writer--then nothing is going to happen.

Linda Glaz said...

Amen, you are spot on!

Theo said...

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