Wednesday, November 4, 2015

We All Need a Team by Diana Flegal

I was thinking how the game of football is a lot like writing. Let me explain.

 I now live in Asheville, North Carolina, and while there are a huge number of Steeler fans in this area, (Go Steelers!), this past Monday night it was all about the undefeated Carolina Panthers winning their 7th game by a field goal in overtime. My friends were ecstatic the next morning, their passion for the game, and their team very evident as they regaled me with stories of the heroic efforts of each player in gaining them this victory. The game had been won in a solid team effort.

Offense, defense, running backs, tight ends, receivers, quarterbacks, and kickers. Vital members with specific roles to play.

When the offense doesn’t protect their quarterback, the ball doesn’t advance down the field and there is a loss of yardage. If blocks aren’t thrown to open a hole, the receiver can not run the ball down the field. But when they all execute their plays, and that timing pass gets into the right hands, victories are won.

As a writer, who are the key players on your team? Who protects you in the huddle when the pressure is on, and you are surrounded by distractions?

Offensive people clear the deck so you can write. They call the plays or offer you timely advice.  “OK, since you have to drop the kids off at school for band practice, how about on my way home from work I pick up the dog from the vet so you can write while the house is quiet?”

GO TEAM!!     

Defensive players defend what you are doing. Believe in you and help make it easy for you to invest in your writing. Often with cash – for that conference you’ll never forget or that writing resource book you need. Just released, Shock the Clock: Time Management for Writers and Other Creatives, by Jeanette Levellie is a good example.
NOTE: Beware the trash talker who tries to get into your head, saying things like; “You’ll never get published, your mama wears combat boots!” All that does is set you back, making it all that much harder to reach the end zone.

A properly executed keynote pass- delivers needed information that enables you to write with excellence.


 It really does take a village, or a team to win at writing, as well as at life.

Here’s hoping you have a great one gathered around you.





Joyce Hart said...

I didn't know you knew that much about football. Guess I should have since you are an avid Steeler Fan. This is a good piece.

Linda Glaz said...

Steelers used to be my fave team.

Diana Flegal said...

Thanks Joyce- Used to be Linda?? Sorry we lost you #sad