Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Sharing a Victory by Andy Scheer

It wasn't the kind of victory non-writers can appreciate. But if you've ever spent keyboard time seeking just the right illustration, you can understand.

In a couple months, at the CLASS writers conference in Albuquerque, I'll teach a multi-part class on writing for periodicals. It's a class I've taught for years. One segment dates to the late 1980s.

Over that span, I've always kept looking for better examples to illustrate my teaching points.

This morning while checking email, I found a four-leaf clover. Amid the website's feature articles was the perfect example for my session in Albuquerque on how to write reviews and how-to articles.

The name of the article by Yahoo's associate food editor Rachel Tepper: “Eat Like a Local: Albuquerque, New Mexico.” It not only shows how to write a review and a how-to, but it also serves as a model of how to blend the two.

I expect my writing students in Albuquerque will appreciate it as a class handout, even if they don't visit the best lunch place in town (The Grove Cafe & Market) or enjoy the carne adovada at the best hole-in-the-wall (Mary & Tito's).

Meanwhile, the discovery was too good to keep to myself until October.

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