Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Image result for marlene Bagnull photoMarlene Bagnull has directed the Write His Answer Conferences for many years now, hosting one in Colorado Springs and one in the Greater Philadelphia Area each year. One year Becky Spencer wrote the first stanza and set music to Marlene's vision. Marlene then wrote the second verse. We sing this song at the conferences now and it says so much about why we as agents and faculty, do what we do.

Marlene gave us permission to share the words with you all. May they inspire and encourage you as you write.

Write My answer
Make it clear
Shout My message
Help them hear
All who read it
How they’ll run
To share the vision
That has come
Live My answer
Make it clear
Love My people
Help them hear
I am coming
Coming soon
Focus on Me
Trust Me, too.

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