Tuesday, January 7, 2014

How the Word Spreads by Andy Scheer

If you're writing in the action/adventure genre, you should know my friend Wayne. He's not only a writer, he's also a key influencer.

Over the past three decades, Wayne assembled one of the world's top collections dedicated to the books of one best-selling author and his co-writers. He co-founded a worldwide collector's society and has organized annual conventions that enable big-time fans to meet those authors.

In the process he's befriended many of the top names in the genre. They sometimes use Wayne as a sounding board, and to spread the word on upcoming releases.

A few weeks ago I suggested that Wayne might volunteer to moderate the forum on one co-writer's website. Wayne emailed back that he'd gotten a green light to moderate the forum, and also learned some big news.

The main author had picked a new co-writer for a spinoff series. That writer's name was new to me, so I searched for his website.

His site was most informative—giving me the covers and promotional descriptions for his half-dozen published novels—plus interesting biographical information, FAQs, and some articles. This writer meant business.

Better yet, I'd timed my visit to his website perfectly. Besides an excerpt from his latest novel, he was offering for the next two days a free download of the complete book.

I downloaded it, started reading, and had to force myself to stop. As a regular participant in the collector society chat group, I knew dozens of others who'd also want to experience this author's work. So I sent an email alerting them to this opportunity.

And so the word spreads.

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