Monday, June 3, 2013

You Just Never Know by Linda S. Glaz

            A kernel of an idea. A teensy kernel. And you just never know what you’re going to get.
A month ago, I was tossing around the idea of a blog to take pitches to help get folks ready for the upcoming conferences. And to be interactive, allowing the rest of the good folks to chime in and voice their opinions of the short pitches. I wasn’t sure at all how it would come out, but to increase the stakes a tad, I figured a prize of ten folks getting to submit their first five pages for critique would perhaps encourage a few more folks to enter their pitches. I picked what I thought were the strongest pitches to do the five-page reads.
What a blast! We ended up with dozens of pitches and all the fine ladies and gentlemen chimed in, offering the best they could to help these people to improve their 25-30 words. There were rewrites, laughter, and a lot of great ideas dizzying the page.
All I can say is, we had a blast. There were some absolutely amazing pitches in the melee, and the first five pages of all were very good, of some—were outstanding, and of four, completely mind-blowing.
You just never know what will happen. My four newest clients came from a kernel of an idea one day when I wanted to play on my blogsite for a while. Their pages were so awesome, I just had to request full reads, and the rest as the tiresome expression goes…is history.
I’m thinking of a similar blog here in July when I can hopefully help some folks get ready for the summer and fall conferences. Perhaps even raise the stakes a bit and offer some first page critiques.
Anyone up for the fun? You need thick skin, because all will participate.
July??? Hope to see you here!


lisa said...

So scary to put yourself out there, but I would love the polishing that would bring.

I keep a notebook with ideas, some of my best work has started there.

Sharon Kirk Clifton said...

Bring on the fun!
Write on!
Because of Christ!

Digging for Pearls said...

Sometimes God uses a simple act of obedience, and willingness to go out of our comfort zone to provide something we hadn't even envisioned yet - signing with an agent.

I'm blessed to be one of those four. Thank you, Linda.

Linda Glaz said...