Monday, June 10, 2013

Fiction and Theatre

Portions of this post are from my blog, January, 2010.
It's simply such a timely piece, that I wanted to rolled it around in my mouth
again and spit it out here::

When the doctor delivers that first unique baby, all
creamy and pink, you gasp, you cry, you laugh, you
remember the pain to get where you are in that particular
moment in time. Then, another cry and whoa!
“Hey, there’s another baby in here!”
Okay, maybe in today’s technological hospital setting,
this wouldn’t be a big surprise, but in my day—forever ago,
it was frequently a surprise. And some women
got Twofers. Some—identical twofers and others—fraternal.
Enough alike to be related, but with
unique enough characteristics to be different.

Much like what we all want when creating the perfect work of fiction.
Another art form does primarily the same thing, in its
own inimitable way, it utilizes many of the same qualities that are
used to define a work of fiction. This second art form is theatre.

Both forms are created to entertain, educate, amuse, and delight.
Whether you are imagining the sinister characters in a book or
seeing them played out on a stage depends on your viewpoint.
Do you like to see the story enacted live, or
see the story in your mind's eye where you are able to control
appearances, settings, and strength of emotions?

Whether an avid reader, or theatre aficionado, stories are being brought to life.
My kids are all "readers" of a sort. The two oldest devours book in the same
manner that I devour chocolate during writers' block.
The youngest, who doesn't have time to read novels, reads scripts by the dozens.
In the end, they all love to have a story told to them.
They both entertain, both educate at times, but more importantly, they both
encourage us to expand our thought process. Reach outside the box, outside the comfort
zone and think of something with a new twist, perhaps. To look at the human condition
and decide how and when we might want to step in and partake.
Theatre and fiction aren't that far apart, only the method of delivery.

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Davalyn Spencer said...

So true. Both are stories "told." And there aren't many people in the world who don't love a story.