Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Common but Anointed for Spiritual Service by Diana L. Flegal

We have been discussing writing from our unique gifting and what that might look like.

Yesterday when I walked into our local large box bookstore, I scanned the shrinking selection on the shelves, gravitating to the ones that held my particular interest, ignoring many others.

So many titles, yet I will like and benefit from just a few.
Why? Because I am a snobby reader. We all are. Readers and writers come in varied ‘flavors’. There is room for us all. There is a need for us all.
Janice Elsheimer in her book: The Creative Call, say: “…if you have a sincere desire to use the gifts God has given you, and you are willing to do your part, God will be faithful to do His. Your part is to honor and develop the gift in you- His part is to help you find the time and resources to do that and to use what you create to His glory.”  It is not arrogant to believe you have a talent worth sharing.
Always give yourselves fully to the work of the Lord, because you know that your labor will not be in vain. I Corinthians 15:58
Nick Honerkamp recently said in a message on ‘anointing’, “The anointing of God separates the common from the holy… brings the presence and purpose of God to everyday common stuff...for a holy purpose”.
For some the purpose of their words is strictly to entertain. To provide a temporary escape for the reader from the stresses of everyday life. They might accomplish this with  humor or a mystery/suspense. Either way- for the time one is reading they are not thinking about their troubles.
Another writer shares his personal struggle in a beautifully transparent memoir, coming alongside one who is suffering that valley now, offering them hope that they will come out the other side.
Another frames a historical romance in various geographical locations, reminding the reader of God’s creative genius and that He is a God who initiated His love to us through a divine love story.
Another writes about steps to personal healing and wholeness in a Self Help or Christian Living guide or helps us lose weight with a cookbook, or writes a poignant devotional that starts ones morning on an encouraging note.
All good things, all fine endeavors. But your particular gifting and life experience will lead you toward one form and another brother or sister down a different path.  We need to celebrate those differences, and make room for them all. One is not more holy than another. Each has its place. Yes, even the debut authors still writing clumsy sentences. They will refine their writing along the way.
We need to stifle that critic. Just as we do not get the chance to choose our physical family members, we do not choose the members in the body of Christ – God has set each one in- with a holy purpose and call- and we need them- and need to honor them for their gifts and strengths. It might not be your bent, but that is okay. Every joint supplies. Iron is needed to sharpen iron.


Anonymous said...

Diana - best description of the anointing I've ever heard is "God putting His 'super' on your 'natural' for his purposes." Max

laramvh5 said...

I love that you're blogging about this, Diana. I was just talking to a writer friend of mine about how I struggle with writing being a "calling." I don't feel called to write. It's just weaved into my DNA. I can't imagine not ever writing. When people say they are called to it, I imagine some important message has to always be revealed. But I simply want to write to entertain. My friend said this and I like it: I'm created to write. If others are called, that's great. But just because I am a Christian and a writer doesn't mean my writing is automatically a calling.

Marlene Banks said...

Very well said, Diana, and a much needed point. Snobbery among writers can be a sure fire way to lose the anointing. I respect good quality writing in every genre whether it's my reading preference or not. I'm not an Opera fan but I know good opera singing when I hear it and I admire the performer for their excellence in that field. As far as debut writers go...everyone has to start somewhere. Looking back I think I was pitiful when I started but I learned as I went and am learning more all the time. I always hope to expand my writing ability and improve my style in some way. You never arrive it's a continuous journey getting to Perfectionland. That's part of the mystique and excitement in being a writer. So be kind to the newbies not callously critical but lovingly guide and teach. Most of all use YOUR anointing as meant to be and don't try to imitate what you see others doing. Stay in your lane. People will try to aim you somewhere else but stay in your lane with your godly gifts.

Caroline said...

Loved this post, and the gentle encouragement to be what you are and to allow others the same privilege.

Also enjoyed the other commenters kind comments and felt inspired.

Max, loved that saying!

lisa said...

Thank you for this encouragement. I loved doing this lesson with students that we all have a voice and play an important part in the work of God in the world :) Every voice sounds differently, but is unique and worthy of making a difference.

Amy Sullivan said...

Ohhhh, wise one. How am I luck enough to know you?

"When we are willing to do our part God will do His." Excellent advice.

You have something good going with this series. Yes, you do!