Monday, May 6, 2013

When We Learn From Others by Linda S. Glaz

You know…what started out as what I thought was a good idea to help a bunch of folks getting ready for conference, turned into a lesson for me.
I have ALWAYS hated writing pitches, just ask Terry. No, on second thought, don’t remind him (as if he doesn’t know). So when I offered a contest to look at a few first chapters, I started the blog with writing and rewriting pitches so that the best ten would be the ones I’d look at further. And the fun blog turned into a mini-workshop on writing 25-30 words pitches, and lo and behold, I think I understand pitches better myself.
The more we worked them and broke them into the barest essence, the more it all clicked in the pint-sized brain of mine of what was working well and what wasn’t. The more I looked to help, the more the important information stood out and the innocuous information took second stage.
VOILA! The helper became the student and I’m proud to say was able to offer a hand to a few other folks. What a glorious moment to find that 2+2 really does make 4. And understanding more fully how to get to 4 was an aha-moment.
It’s funny how the we learn from others. Sometimes in choosing to assist another person, you are the one who reaps the rewards. Now, 153 comments and suggestions later, a bunch of us have reduced our pitches to their purist essence.
When you get the opportunity to have fun with a topic and help out a fellow writer, take it, you might find that you, not the other person, will walk away that much more equipped to face the writing industry!

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Davalyn Spencer said...

What an intriguing lesson about learning!