Wednesday, May 15, 2013

It's Not Really Paranoia if ... by Diana Flegal

It's not really paranoia if they really are out to get you!
Joseph Heller, Catch-22

Paranoia is a thought process believed to be heavily influenced by anxiety or fear.
Have you as a writer ever found yourself in the grip of anxiety or fear?
I encourage you to push through it- because:

Being slightly paranoid is like being slightly pregnant- it tends to get worse
Molly Ivins

What if's plague the inspired creative temperaments.

What if I can not support myself, my family...

What if I do not find a place amongst my peers?

What if I can not follow this first book with one equal to or better than the first?

What if I never get published? (the worst)

Sometimes our fears seem to be realized as everyone in our writers group receives a contract from a traditional publisher except us. Should I look into self-publication?

LORD!! What is it you are doing. You've given me the unction to write- I have something to say, I have dotted all of my i's and crossed all of my t's, yet here I am - sidelined. Unpublished.

Do not faint or lose heart. God would have not brought you this far if he did not have a divine plan. Wilderness experiences are a part in the journey of every key player. We do not like the wilderness, and thankfully it is not where God intends to leave us. But there are things to be learned there.

When you find yourself in a dry barren place, fall to your knees and then reach out to others. Now is the time to take the focus off of yourself and place it onto others in your writing community circle.
Congratulate those receiving contracts, winning contests and receiving accolades.  Brag on those presently in the limelight.  After all, God is due the Glory He deserves. Seek opportunities to befriend the 'newbie'. Introduce them to others with influence. Take some time to scroll down your FB page and pray for those asking for prayer or struggling. There are so many standing in the need of prayer and in need of a genuine word of compassion. Read other author blogs and take the time to comment. Look over your bookcase and note the books you have read that touched your life. Write an Amazon review of those books. It is a great help to authors. Even if you read the book years ago. Write the note.

And pray for your agent (if you have one). Agents face a huge challenge today. Many editors change desks as publishers change priorities in focus and it is a scramble to keep up with the changes and establish relationships in this shifting industry climate.

Galatians 6:10 As we have opportunity, do good to all men/women, especially to those of the household of faith. :-)

Continue to write.

When I take time to invest in others- I receive fresh passion for what it is God has called me to. I believe you will receive fresh ideas and inspiration as well.

Have a great day. Carry on.

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Anne Love said...

Thanks for the encouragement and the challenge to encourage others along the journey Diana.

Sandra Ardoin said...

Wonderful encouragement, Diana. God is in control!

Kimberly Rae said...

That quote cracked me up! I'm going to post this on my writer group pages--what an encouragement. I'm glad you're my agent and took a minute to pray for you just now!

lisa said...

Greatly encouraged by these words. Thank you.

Carol Howell said...

Diana - I am thankful for you. I am also thankful you put up with ME!

Blessings and smiles,
Carol Howell

Anonymous said...

Encouraging post... I would merely suggest we brag on Jesus rather than those being published... It's such a fine line but looking up is always what keeps me grounded... when writing is going well (by the world's standards) and when it is not.

Sherry Boykin said...

Thank YOU, Diana! You are a literal fount of practicality and wisdom.

Sherry Boykin said...

Thank YOU, Diana. You are a literal fount of practicality and wisdom.

Pam Halter said...

Great post - you so smart, girlfriend! ;)

Audrey said...

Thank you very much for this encouraging post. When I remember to look beyond myself and pray for and help others, the world is a much better place for me.