Monday, May 27, 2013

From Great to Amazing by Linda S. Glaz

            The contract’s signed, the advance has been paid, and the entire writing process has only begun.
Only begun???
That’s right. Edits and suggestions to strengthen the work are happening as you make your way to the bank.
I recently had the pleasure of seeing a client’s work unfold as the author and editor worked through the editing process.
This was a story that I believe will be a killer, rockin’ novel. Nothing like it. So what did it need? Nothing that I could see. But was I ever wrong.
As I received the edits along with the author from the editor, per the author’s request, I was astounded at the things the editor found, the rewrites my author made, and in the end, the amazing novel that resulted. Nothing major, the author is a primo writer, but with just a bit here and there, the novel is emerging as that killer, rockin’ piece that we all knew was there—just hiding a tad.
And I’ve been allowed the blessing of watching it all unfold.
I’m thinking most of us believe selling our work is the end of a long journey, but I can tell you, it IS just the beginning.
We shouldn’t be satisfied with a great novel when amazing is just around the corner if we have the blessing of working with an outstanding editor.
Only begun? Yessiree! The sale is just the start of a great relationship…

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Lisa Phillips said...

Ooh, boy is it ever just the beginning! I sent my second Love Inspired Suspense off to my editor--she liked the end.
The rest of it? Not so much.
So I went back to the drawing board and it is definitely ten times stronger now.
It just takes a soft heart to take the hit and come back with something better.