Friday, April 26, 2013

Marketing Is About Timing by Jennifer Hudson Taylor

Most of the time we finish a blog post and hit the button or we get an idea of something we want to share on Facebook and Twitter and we post or tweet. The majority of us don't take the time to think about when those posts and tweets will get the maximum exposure.

But think about it for a moment. 

People on the east coast of the US are not reading their morning email and social networks at the same time as people on the west coast because they are still sleeping three hours behind. There is even more of a time disparity on the other side of the world if we have international readers. Would someone be more likely to hit the delete button in the morning when they are wading through 100 emails rather than the afternoon when they are browsing through 20 or 30 emails? It's something to think about.

If you post something on social media, it risks rolling on and off your friend's and followers' newsfeeds before they log back on again if they aren't on when you post your news and info. Wouldn't you want to post at times that will ha

What about week days versus weekends? Which time frame will produce maximum results? Will it vary from our target audience whether we are targeting tweens and teens, Generation X and Y, or Baby Boomers? Business leaders or stay at home moms?

Believe it or not, marketers have conducted some studies on the best timing for posting things to certain social media sites and/or blogs. My advice is to not worry about this in your day-to-day social media marketing and blogging or it will drive you crazy. What I would suggest is to consider it on special campaigns and/or book launches. You can probably handle it for a temporary time and then go back to your daily activity.

Use HootSuite and your Blogger post settings to schedule posts and updates according to the infographic here

Schedule emails according to the infographic here

Have you seen these infographics before? Do you think they are helpful? Have you noticed a better time for response rates in your own marketing efforts?

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