Wednesday, April 17, 2013

7 Fear Removing Thoughts for Beginning and Stuck Writers by Diana Flegal

Returning from teaching at a recent writers conference I realized the thing I really accomplish in presenting my workshops is to remove the element of fear and get the writer to begin or continue in their journey.

While I highly recommend attending a writers conference for all of its benefits, I have listed below some fear removing thoughts for beginning and stuck writers to consider.

  • Every well published authors journey began with the first step, followed by the second. BEGIN
  • Editors and Agents are regular people passionate about words. As my Daddy used to say, "Everyone pulls their pants on same as you do. One leg at a time." Befriend and learn from them. Follow their blogs. FEAR NOT and FOLLOW
  • There are scads of free writers resources and helps available online. Google your need. Example: How to Write a Magazine Article. Your idea can be shaped and made print worthy. NO EXCUSES
  • Set realistic goals. Do not attempt to leap tall buildings in a single bound before you excel at the basics. Be patient and hone your skills. Writing is a journey not a sprint. PACE YOURSELF
  • Share your writing with other objective writers. LEARN from constructive criticism.
  • Rewrite as often as you need to. Write like mad. Write in the morning, evening, and in-between times as well. PRACTICE.

Please add to the list any fear busters you might think of to offer to those beginning or stuck in their writing journey. Always remember to be kind to others you meet at various spots along the path. Creatives are fragile. FRA-JIL-LE as my son and I like to say. Do not break them, I need the wisdom they have and look forward to learning from them once they sit and write it all down.

Happy over the hump day!


Sherry Boykin said...

Could almost be my authorized bio . . .

Jeanette Levellie said...

This is so wise, Diana. Especially the last part about not breaking fragile new writers. We've all been there, and need to remember what it felt like.

The only item I'd add to your already complete list is to pray for courage to believe in the gift Jesus put in you.


Audrey said...

I'd like to add two fears to your list.
First, the fear of putting the idea I have on paper until it is perfect. As a result, I have wonderful ideas that remain ideas. I need to be bold and put my ideas on paper and THEN rewrite and revise until they are ready to be read by someone else. No more waiting for my ideas to be worthy enough to put on paper.
Secondly, the fear of sending out my writing. It is almost as if I feel that as long as no one has rejected my writing, it still has possibilities. Once it is rejected, I have to face reality. Now, I know that this way of thinking is ridiculous, but I am still a work in progress.
Thank you for sharing your ideas and causing me to think!

Diana said...

Glad all of you ladies are still writing. Be bold and courageous! Jen is a great example of Persistence and Patience!