Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Interview with Linda Rondeau- Creator of Pentalk- an online community of writers

With authors seeking more ways to network and share information, diverse creative sites pop up. I would like to share one that is relatively new, created by author Linda Rondeau titled, Pentalk.

Linda , Thank you for being with us today. Can you share with our readers today just what Pentalk is and where you came up with the idea for it.

I noticed that there are myriad writing groups for various genres, beliefs, and age groups. The Lord seemed to ask me if I would start a writing group that would encompass all genres, ages, and belief systems, an arena where Christians could exemplify Christ as they worked together with other writers who may not be believers.

How has it's Growth been and the response on FB to it.

From an initial small group page, Pentalk now consists of a Facebook Community Page of over 200 members, a Facebook networking page of 121, a Yahoo group page for non-Facebook members and a blog, currently with 84 followers, some through Google and others through Facebook. We have a steering committee of four individuals in addition to myself. Carol McClain and Dale Langlois manage the author interviews, Carol Moncado is the editor-in-chief for the blog. Dan Waltz manages our book cover album in addition to art consultation.

Have you had to make any changes to it since you first began?

The group evolved through the needs of its members. Some wanted more than simply a "chat" forum. The community page offers a more professional setting and can be joined by simply "liking" the page. We soon learned that members wanted information and education so we formed the blog. We also wanted to have a communication avenue for non-facebook users. Pentalk is for and about writing by writers. We are committed to helping one another as writers. This includes sharing our blogs, giving encouragement, and posting our celebrations.

Pentalk Community Page:

Pentalk Group (facebook)

Pentalk Community Blog:

Pentalk Community (Yahoo Groups):

For more information, contact Linda Rondeau (

Thank you Linda for sharing with us today.
Please stop by and avail yourself of the terrific resources and advice on Pentalk.
Happy Spring to all,


Linda Glaz said...

What a "novel" idea. Errgh, okay, early in the morning, still feeling dopey. But a very interesting concept. I'll have to look into it. Sounds wonderful!

Linda said...

hope to see you there, Linda

Robin Bayne said...

It's a great group : )

Jeanette Levellie said...

I admire your obedience to the Lord, Linda. He is blessing you and many others through you. Congratulations!

Lorilyn said...

I hope you will check out the John 3:16 Marketing Network at

I am following you so I can keep up with your activities. It's all about networking!