Monday, December 13, 2010

Rubbing a Cat by Terry Burns

 Today is the day for Diana to submit but she is dealing with some very serious family issues and I sincerely solicit your prayers for her and her family on the homegoing of her father.

If we're rubbing a cat and it's making his fur stand up and making him uncomfortable, the cat needs to turn around because we're rubbing him the wrong way. If we read in the Bible and it makes us uncomfortable and rubs us the wrong way, then maybe we need to turn around too.

I like that. When people come to the Lord its because they come under conviction, start getting rubbed the wrong way, and can only find peace by turning around their lives. But children of God can get turned around too, and if reading the word starts making our fur stand up we had better start paying attention.

I try to read the Bible through each year and will be starting the New Year reading it through again. I hope as I go that I'm going to be sensitive to the places that pinch and bind a bit, places where the fur starts getting ruffled. I surely don't want to be lulled into trailing off following the ways of the world instead of strengthening my walk with the Lord. When that still, small voice inside me starts talking I want to be listening.

Who would think just rubbing a cat would have such a profound message?


Patricia PacJac Carroll said...

Good word, Terry.

Jeanette Levellie said...

Ahahahahaaaa!!! I thought you were going to say the person rubbing the cat needs to rub the opposite way! After all, we are the cat's servant, right? Aha.

The Lord recently directed me to memorize Psalm 37. I soon discovered why. He makes my fur stand up with verses like, "Do not fret--it leads to evil."

Oh, my. It's time for this cat to turn around.

Joanne Sher said...

What a great lesson! Love it. Praying for Diana.

Daphne Michele Webb said...

This was a great blog to start my day! **especially since I own 6 cats**

Terry Burns said...

Own? I've always been told that you can own dogs and horses but cats have staff to see to their needs. Kinda been that way with the ones that have been around our place.

Caroline said...

Good post, Terry, and appropriate! :)

Millie Samuelson said...

Superb devotional blog! I know I have some "rubbed the wrong way" issues in my life. . . please Lord, help me turn the right way! Thanks, Terry!

Cheryl Linn Martin said...

I loved this picture you've painted, Terry.

Thanks for the lesson!