Saturday, June 19, 2010

The Final Mile by Diana

The Final Mile and Diana is Tagging Along!

Today in Boston, a significant MILE stone is being accomplished. Luke Robinson, a client of Diana's, is completing a 2,000 mile journey he began March 2008 in Austin Texas. Two dogs, Great Pyrenees, Hudson and Murphy, two thousand miles walking, camping out in rain, snow and sleet, across America to raise awareness for Canine Cancer. Luke lost his beloved dog Malcom to metastatic Cancer in 2006. The impact of this loss and it's consequent emptiness prompted Luke to do something to eradicate this horrible disease.

Eight months ago Diana had the privilege of meeting Luke as he walked through Pittsburgh, PA. and it was after that meeting that Luke became a Hartline client. Luke has many incredible experiences from this journey and is now in the process of placing them into book format.

AT 7:00 AM, today, Dwight Ritter, (another Hartline author), his wife JoAnn and their dog Blue and I will depart Cape Cod, MA and head into the city of Boston. Our first stop will be to drop my bags off at the Fairmont Copley Hotel, then proceed to the Museum of Fine Arts, where a 9:30 am Memorial Service will be held in the Rose Garden at the Museum of Fine Arts for all those attendees that have lost dogs to cancer. I myself lost our precious dear family friend Sassy to Canine Cancer in 2005. After this service, at 10 AM, we will accompany Luke and 'The Fuzzybutts" on there final mile walk from the Back Bay Fens to the Boston Common where at 11:00 AM a festival celebration will be held at the Parkman Bandstand. There will be all manner of fun activities for the participants and their canine companions.

6:00 PM A special Gala Event, Puppy Up Party will be held at the Fairmont Copley. We will be entertained with special music, an auction and a debut song written and sung by Luke as a tribute to Malcom.

An unexpected benefit of Luke's walk has been a new collaboration with the Canine Hereditary Consortium. Luke will be meeting with the consortium Sunday and this will begin the newest phase of Luke's involvement and passion to fight Canine Cancer. This consortium is collecting DNA samples from all breeds of dogs. If you are interested in participating in this study, you can find the information at Luke's website linked below this.e time DNA sample is needed from all dogs with cancer - all breeds, all cancers A one time DNA sample is needed from all dogs with cancer - all breeds, all cancers

I wish you all could join us but Please be sure to stop by and view the pics at

Puppy Up!

From my heart to yours,

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