Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Diana Interviews Blog Talk Radio Co Host Cindy Sproles

Today From the Heart readers we are interviewing author Cindy Sproles. Cindy is one of the founders of Christian Devotions and Devo Kids, both online devotional sites that reach over 116 countries around the world and also co-host of a Blog Talk Radio show that airs every Tuesday evening at 6 pm EST.

Diana: Cindy, You are a co-host of the hour long Christian Devotions Speak UP! and also He Said, She Said Radio. How did you begin doing this type of interview?

Cindy: A friend put us on to Blog Talk Radio. We thought it was a great way to brand and to get to the masses since so many publishers are requiring authors do their own marketing, Blog Talk Radio basic is free. So we ventured into the water without a life jacket. There are two segments of Blog Talk Radio. The Basic Usage one is free. The other has all the bells and whistles. But honestly, the free basic is all you have to have to interview up to five guests at one time. Blog Talk archives for you and you can even store pre-recorded promos

Diana: And folks can call in and speak with your guests can't they?

Cindy: Yes. This is one of the features of Blog Talk. We can speak to 4 other folks at one time. Now, the catcher is on free basic Blog Talk, we cannot filter the calls. So we see your number come up on the switchboard, we answer. In the paid version of Blog Talk you have the additional feature to screen calls. But yes, we can speak to 4 folks at one time. They simply call the number listed on the email or the Blog Talk Page.

Diana: If an author wanted to be a guest on your show can they contact you or do they have to wait for an invite?

Cindy: We welcome their requests for Christian Devotions Speak UP! We're always looking for good interviews with a story to tell about how God Speaks UP in their lives. We can do a live interview and we have the capability to pre-record interviews. Though we do prefer live interviews

Diana: How many shows do you all do each week?

Cindy: You can schedule daily shows but we've chosen every Tuesday night at 6:00 p.m. EST. You should choose a time that is good for you to launch a show and then show up for work EVERY time. The key to Blog Talk is consistency. If you don't show up regularly, people will not listen.

Diana: So can anyone sign up for Blog Talk Radio? Is there an interview process that eliminates kooks or unsavory characters?

Cindy: For lack of better words, Blog Talk Radio is public domain. So anyone can sign up. You do fill out a form on line and provide specific information. The down side to anything like this is the fact that there is always "unsavory" things around. Just like on YouTube. They do advertise with paid advertisements from listeners and from clients. So you could see things you might not approve of. However, we take the approach that everyone needs to hear God's word. After all, Jesus got His hands dirty. He didn't sit idle in the comfort of His home. He was out there in the middle of the muck. So we've opted to be in the middle in hopes that a little light will brighten the darkness that surrounds.

Diana: Admirable. So how can someone get in touch with you if they wanted to be on the air with you guys on either Christian Devotions Speak UP! and also He Said, She Said Radio?

Cindy: They can contact me at or our host, Scott McCausey

Diana: Cindy, before we say good bye, Can you share a story of how this show has had an inspirational impact in a listener’s life or in your own?

Cindy: Which one...there are so many. I suppose the one show that, to me has made a great impact was a show we did on sex trafficking. I know, touchy subject....Christians tend to think these things don't happen. But this show touched tons of people. They were told about teenage girls brought to this country to be trafficked for sex and the stories of how these kids escaped their bonds. It was a hard show and Marianne and I both were in tears by the end of the hour. But this show opened the eyes of the blind. This is a harsh reality in our world, and it's easy for us to close our eyes to the horrid things that happen to children. We received tons of email on this and how could people help. So it was successful. Heart wrenching, but successful.

Another was a fill-in show Marianne and I did along with writer Pam Klopfestin. About the adoption of special needs children. I have a special needs son but Pam had lost her child to a disability. After his death, she and her husband began to foster care these children and eventually adopt. Again, very moving.

Diana: Now you said that these shows are archived and a listener can just go to the site and look through the archived material to access these interviews?

Cindy: Yes, they are archived at - click the RADIO tab. Diana, readers need to know that we love to interview authors. Most have great stories, deep passions about why they write and intent words about how God has worked in their lives to bring about the stories they write.

Diana: Thank you so much for joining us here today Cindy. I am sure you will be hearing from many of our From the Heart readers. God Bless you all in your devotion ministry and all the other branch ministries that have sprouted from Christian Devotions.

Cindy: Great. We're booking shows into June 2011 at this point. We hope to hear from them. Thank you for sharing the ministry of Christian Devotions and Christian Devotions Speak UP! I encourage readers to visit and - check out the arms of the ministry and how we work to promote God's word and His writers.

Well From The Heart Readers, if you are looking for that perfect promotional tool to help you with your platform, get in touch with Cindy or Scott.

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Cerella D. Sechrist said...

Loved this interview and getting to hear from Cindy's heart! My segment on Blog Talk Radio was fantastic - Scott's an amazing host. It's a great program! :)

Diana said...

That's Tuesday evenings folks- I made the correction and I really hope you tune in. Lots of great interviews here.

Caroline said...

Loved the blog & this great avenue of marketing! Thanks Cindy & Diana for sharing.

Jeanette Levellie said...

Wow. I'm so impressed, Diana and Cindy.

I'd seen a few blogs about this, but no explantions as to how it works. You did an excellent job informing us, Cindy. Thanks for the links, too.

Connie Cameron said...

I have been curious as to how a "blog talk" works, and now I know. Great info! (I am definitely going to be looking into signing up for a spot in 2011!)

Millie Samuelson said...

A SPECIAL blog -- it was like being part of a conversation instead of reading an interview or a blog -- very appropriate for Cindy and her topics! Thanks, Diana and Cindy -- I both learned and was touched. . .

Angela Breidenbach said...

I'm new to blogtalkradio and starting to listen to a few shows. This one is one I am very interested in hearing. Thank you for the informative interview. As ACFW's publicity officer, I'm always learning new things and this is on my list! Cindy was kind enough to send me an email and introduce herself. She's so professional and on the ball.